GIVE-AWAY! The Best Make-Up I've EVER Used!

Monday, May 4

You may think the title of this post is a little dramatic...but i'm totally serious. I've been searching for a good 15 years for make-up like this, and i've finally found it {PTL! Cue the confetti!}. If you need any more convincing, let me preface this post by saying that I found out about 100% Pure through a friend and immediately used my own money to buy quite a few of their products. They did not pay me to write this post! That's how much I love them:)

With that being said, I can literally tell you that 100% Pure's products are hands-down the best make-up i've EVER used. And i'm not exaggerating. Here's why:

1. They are 100% Pure and use fruit pigments and essential oils! No yucky toxins!  
Skin is the biggest organ of our body, and for most of us, we've been slathering chemicals and toxins on our skin for far too long. Everything we put on our skin seeps into our blood stream. Because of this, i've been on a mission the last few years to find make-up that isn't toxic. Let me tell you, it's hard! If you read the back of any drugstore make-up label, my guess is that you'll have no clue what any of the ingredients mean...because they are all chemicals! Not 100% Pure. I've heard of every ingredient on the back of 100% Pure products because they are all natural ingredients such as Goji Berry, Peach, Apricot, Rice Starch, Grapefruit, Vitamin E, etc. I literally can't believe how clean these products are!!

2. They Work...better than any other make-up i've used!
On my search for a clean make-up line, i've tried many other products that advertise as "clean" "organic" or "pure" but the quality is terrible! I feel like in the past i've wasted money trying to be clean with my make-up, only to have it melt off my face or crumble on my eye lids. I even tried Bare Minerals (which is known for being less toxic) but my sensitive skin couldn't handle the mineral make-up. 100% Pure has changed all that! I'm not even lying when I say that my skin has felt flawless (which is quite a big deal as i've struggled with skin issues in the past!). Not only are the healthy products nourishing your skin, but they leave the most gorgeous clean and fresh look on your face! I literally haven't had a break out since I've been using their make-up.

Today I wanted to share the products i've tried, and give away a $25 credit to their online store! So, without further ado...these are the make-up products i've tried:

- Fruit Pigmented Healthy Skin Foundation: Peach Bisque
This will be my foundation forever and amen. It gives the perfect amount of coverage (ie: covers blemishes well), but doesn't look cakey. Make sure to pick up a beauty blender to apply it (100% Pure sells the beauty blenders here, but I got mine for really cheap at Marshalls!).

- Luminous Primer
Ok, THIS PRIMER IS AMAZING!!! {yes, I just shouted that!}. In the past, I could never even wear primers because my skin would break out like crazy! But not this one. This baby actually nourishes my skin and makes it better!!! And it enhances the foundation to an even greater degree. If you bought 2 products from their store, make it the foundation and the primer!! I can't recommend this primer enough...don't believe me? Check out the fantastic reviews it gets here!!

- Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze: Fig
This lipstick is a total favorite. The color is beautiful, and it nourishes my lips so much I feel like i'm putting on chap stick. The main ingredients are avocado and cocao butter and has extracts of all sorts of yummy fruits!! {Can it get any better?}

- Fruit Pigmented Mascara: Black Tea
This mascara smells so delish you will want to eat it, haha! This mascara really seems to be keeping my lashes healthy. While it doesn't elongate them as much as other products i've used, it is very consistently good so i'm sticking with it!!

- Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette 
So this is a total steal of a deal! For $35 you get a palette that has 3 eye shadows, a blush, and a luminizer! It was the perfect palette for me to get to try many of their products at once. I love the colors they offer, and have had fun playing around with contouring with the luminizer and blush! A total beauty basic in my make-up bag!

- Fruit Pigmented Eye-Shadow: Cashmere
One of the staples in my make-up bag is a dark purple eye shadow that I use to line my eyes. I love this cashmere color so much, and have had fun playing around with it! This shadow doesn't seem to stick as well as other shadows i've used, but i've noticed that putting a little primer on my eye lid helps a lot!

-Creamy Polish: Kiss
So not only am I trying to clean my make-up products up, but also my nail care too. Most nailpolishes have so many toxic chemicals in them, but this one is free of the common carcinogens in most nail polish: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin. I LOVE this color too, so spunky!

These are the make-up basics that I have built my new make-up bag around {I've literally thrown out all my old toxic make-up and have started fresh with 100% Pure!}. I can't wait to try more products and let you know what I think...but so far, i'm kind of addicted to the quality of their products!!

So much so that today I want to give away 
a $25 gift card to 100% Pure!

Here's what you need to do to enter: 
1. Visit 100% Pure's website and find what product you would buy!
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite product is!
3. Follow 100% Pure on FB, IG and Twitter (both @100percentpure)
4. Follow Hope Engaged on FB & IG @hopeengaged
{If you don't have a particular social media links, enter anyway! I don't want anyone to be disqualified!}

Give-Away ends Friday, May 8th

That's it!!! I hope this inspires you towards clean living and taking ownership of what products you allow in your body. I've seen a huge difference already!! Happy Monday loves!!

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