Where am I going next...Can you guess?!?!?

Wednesday, May 6

So i'm super excited to share with you that i'm headed abroad exactly two weeks from today. Unfortunately Kevin has to work, so i'll be flying solo! As you all know I love to travel, so I spent the first few months of the year pondering where I should go and what I should do! It didn't take me long to realize I wanted to visit a dear friend of mine from college, Katharine. She and her husband moved to this country almost a year ago, and i've been dreaming of a way to get there since!

I'm going to give you a few clues to see if you can guess where i'm headed!! Ready? Let's begin:

1) Nearly 79% of it's people live in rural areas

2) Author, statesmen, and ex-slave Frederick Douglass was an ambassador to this country in the 1800's

3) Over 40% of the population is under 14 years old

4) France ruled this country immediately prior to their independence

5) For 105 years (1697-1802) this country was responsible for 40% of the sugar consumed in the entire world; 123 millions pounds in 1788 alone.

6) It is an island 

What's your best guess?? Was it easy? Hard? Good luck:) 
I'll share with you on Friday!!!

And a sweet happy birthday to my lovely sister Lena!! Hope your day is amazing girl...see you in a few days!!  

Happy Wednesday friends!!! 
And ps- don't forget to enter the give-away from Monday!! xoxo 

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