Back to the basics, a new job and give-away winner!!

Friday, March 4

I've always been a magnet towards bright colorful patterned clothing. That yellow top with flowers on it…yes please! But amidst all my cheerful and chipper clothing, I somehow always found myself gravitating towards the same white shirt, grey sweater, and jeans. Even though patterns appeal to me, I feel most stylish when i'm wearing good neutrals and can accessorize with jewelry. 

I'm starting to put into practice something i've known for a while… that purchasing really good basics can go a long way in our wardrobe. I think that's kind of the idea of a capsule wardrobe, that you can have a small amount of good pieces and then mix and match. Have any of you done a capsule wardrobe? I'd love to hear how the process went! 

A few pieces i've found lately that I'm loving are this white sweater, this grey coat, and this gorgeous tan bag

 And, as some exciting news, I got a job. I am so excited to start working as a counselor again, and feel very grateful for this opportunity. Thanks for those of you who have been praying for me!!  

Andrea Rake, you won the give-away!! Email me your address and i'll get that box of 100% Pure goodies to you asap!!

Any fun plans this weekend? Happy Friday!! xoxo 

And of course all my jewelry comes from sweet Meredith's shop, seriously love Wildflower Roots! 

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