Chillon Castle & Montreux Christmas Market, Switzerland

Thursday, March 17

Our first full day in Switzerland, we left our Chalet in Plans-Sur-Bex and headed to the retreat of L'Abri in the tiny hamlet of Huemoz. After, we drove down the mountain and towards Lake Geneva. Situated right on Lake Geneva is Chillon Castle, Switzerland's most visited historic monument. It truly is stunning, as it sits majestically along the lake at the base of snowcapped mountains. For 12.50 Swiss Francs you can wander around the castle walls, into the dungeon and up to the tip top for some amazing views around the lake! It's an enjoyable experience with enough signs in English to help you get a grasp on the castle's history. 

We capped off the night at the Montreux Christmas market. Kevin and I met up with our friends Javier and Rebecca, who have lived in Switzerland for the last 4 years. Being a chilly night, we ducked into an adorable restaurant that specialized in fondue. Rebecca and Javier then taught us the right etiquette to eat the delicious and famous Swiss cheese. You spear a piece of bread or potato on your skewer, submerge it in the cheese, swirl it around the pot a few times, and then allow the excess cheese to drip off as you turn your skewer. Then you pop it in your mouth and sip some white wine between bites. I am dairy free, but when in Switzerland….eat fondue!! {That motto lasted me all of one night, haha, but it was worth it!} 

The Montreux Christmas market was fun, but it's really not a heavy hitter in terms of real Christmas markets in Europe. I can't wait to show you more markets that we went to around Europe, but we'll save that for another post!! Enjoy! 

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