Skin care I use on a daily basis (and how I beat my struggle with acne!)

Thursday, March 24

Today I wanted to talk about all the skincare items I use on a daily basis. Let me preface this post by sharing a little of my "skin" story with you. Sadly, I was not blessed with flawless skin, far from it. And i'm not talking a few break-outs here and there. I'm talking about years and years of debilitating blemishes that truly haunted me. I've taken Accutane (twice!), and even after that things did not get much better. I spent years and years of crying while looking into the mirror, asking God "why?" and spending thousands of dollars on products that didn't work. It's all a tad embarrassing to admit, but it's my story and if I can encourage anyone dealing with severe acne, then I hope it's all worth it:)

Essentially, my skin went through ups and downs, but literally never stabilized until I started using 100% Pure products. Other things I did helped, like cutting out refined sugar and changing my diet for other health reasons, but these sealed the deal and I will never go back! I know I sing their praises, but it's because the products (which are all natural and non-toxic) have literally transformed my skin. I have next to no break-outs, my skin tone has evened out, and my skin feels normal (which is what every acne sufferer wishes for!!).

 So today, I wanted to share the products I use on a daily basis and then also give-away some fun products for you to try!! One thing I've noticed about these pure products is that my regiment has become more simple because each item truly gives me a lot of bang for my buck. Back in the old days, I had a crazy face regiment of 5 or 6 different products and things I would do each night. Now, I truly use the same 3 products on my face each day! Here they are:

1) Purity Facial Cleanser + Mask {Acne Detox}
This face wash is pure gold. The first ingredient is organic aloe, so it's very soothing, but also packs a punch and is loaded with Red Algae, Kelp, and bacteria killing plants like oregano, thyme and tea tree and eucalyptus! I have used this for over a year now and its amazing. I will never go with out it!

2) Coffee Cherry Cream
After I wash my face in the morning with the Purity Facial Cleanser, I pat it dry and then apply this deliciously smelling Coffee Cherry Cream. This stuff is hydrating!! My skin feels so smooth after I slather it on. I've tried a few of their moisturizers and this one is by far my favorite!

3) Nourishing Facial Oil
In the evening, after I wash my face with the Purity Facial Cleaner, I pat it dry and then apply this Nourishing Facial Oil. This product was recommended to me, and once I tried it I couldn't stop. I used to apply maracuja oil on my face at night, and while that was good, this nourishing facial oils is better.  Don't let the simple packing on this little bottle fool you, it's pretty awesome!
Above are the 3 products I use each day. Every now and then, I LOVE giving my skin some extra pampering (especially around times I travel after being on a germy airplane!). I adore these two masks:

4) Herbal Detox Mask
This mask gets rid of yucky toxins in the skin and makes it feel crazy smooth. I will skip going to get a facial at a spa and just do my own spa treatment at home with this mask!

5) Aqua Boost Hydrading Mask
Never have I found a more moisturizing product than this one! Made with aloe, cucumber and other natural soothing ingredients, your face will drink this up and be all the better for it. Again, instead of going to the spa, I will gladly put on this mask in the comforts of my own home!!After an airplane ride which literally sucks the moisture from the air, this always feels so nice on my skin!

I also wanted to give a shout-out to my new favorite shampoo, Glossy Locks (also from 100% Pure). There are 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners in their line. I have used:

6) The Glossing Shampoo and Grow More conditioner and they have been great. My hair smells divine and is nice and airy (not weighted down or stripped by the chemicals in normal shampoos and conditioner).

ps- If you do want to purchase anything from 100% Pure, I'd love for you to use my affiliate link on the sidebar of my blog:) This allows me to receive a tiny bit of commission. I love these products, believe in them, and purchase them, so your purchase allows me to keep purchasing these products as well:) Thank you!

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