Christmas in Colmar, France

Thursday, April 28

Colmar, Colmar, you have stolen my heart. Truly, this might just be the most magical place i've ever been, and because it was Christmas time, the already adorable Colmar just became a little more dreamy.

Consisting of half timbered houses and cobblestone streets, Colmar was the inspiration for the tiny hamlet in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I just imagined Belle prancing down the streets singing "little town, in a quiet village…."

Colmar is in the Alsace region of France along the border of France and Germany. Because the region has bounced between being part of Germany and being part of France, it's a perfect mixture of the two! We stayed in the most amazing apartment right in the center of town that housed all 8 of us!! (You can see it here). I would recommend this gorgeous apartment to any group looking for accommodations in Colmar. Right out our 3rd story window was a Christmas market, and every morning we could smell the delicious scents of fresh baked breads and cookies through out windows, yum!

Colmar has a whole Christmas program online that you can check each date to see what might be going on while you are there. The website is here.  Here are some of the things we did in Colmar:

1) Christmas Markets: there were 5 Christmas markets in Colmar, each a little different than the other. The one outside our apartment was filled with yummy Alsace food and treats. A few markets had beautiful ornament and Christmas gifts, another a craft fair, and the last a market for children.

2) Ice Skating: One afternoon my siblings and Kevin and I laced up the ice skates and stepped out onto the rink in a main plaza in Colmar. It was SO much fun, even though I was terrible haha! For a few Euros you could skate for as long as you wanted, it was such a great (and fun) deal!!

3) Christams Concerts: On the Colmar Christmas website, there is a listing of free concerts you can attend. My family went to two concerts and it was neat to see children and adults from the surrounding region play their instruments and sing.

4) Site Seeing: Colmar has so many gorgeous districts. Make it a goal to "get lost" and wander through the incredible architecture!!

I will never forget the magical days we spent in Colmar. It was a site for the eyes and a feast for the mouth. A few of our favorites included sipping the hot spiced wine (for only a few Euros!), eating at Schwendi Bier Winstub (which was a very cozy and well priced Alsatian restaurant!), and trying all the foods at the market stalls!

If you plan to do a European Christmas trip, make sure Colmar is on your list:) xoxo

Below are the pictures from our adorable apartment. We were on the 3rd and 4th floors!!

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