Saint-Prex, Switzerland…the cutest tiniest little hamlet on Lake Geneva

Friday, April 8

There is SO much to see around Lake Geneva. Just saying that feels like the understatement of the century. On our European Christmas trip, we stayed in this chalet right above Lake Geneva, and took day trips to the surrounding villages:) One of the days brought of to Saint-Prex, a tiny little hamlet right on the lake. St. Prex is the town where my good friend Rebecca and her husband Javier live. They were so welcoming an invited us into their home one night. We arrived in St. Prex late at night, so I couldn't see any of the city. The next morning, Kevin and I opened our shutters and our jaws dropped. Outside our window we could see the lake, the snowcapped mountains in the background, and the cutest cobblestoned street we had ever laid eyes on. The town is tiny, so in the span of an hour or two we had walked the whole city, as well as a trail along the lake. I have spent the last few years ohhh and awing over Rebecca's IG pictures of living in this town, and it was so fun to explore it in real life! 

I have a thing with cute doors, shutters and window boxes and you will see plenty of those in this town. I also couldn't get over all the growing vines on the buildings…so charming:) If you find yourself driving along Lake Geneva and want to stop and explore for a little bit, this would be the perfect respite! Enjoy a peak into an adorable European town that us Americans love to feast our eyes on:) 

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