Gruyeres, Switzerland (where the delicious cheese comes from!)

Thursday, April 14

 After a few lovely days staying in a gorgeous chalet above Lake Geneva, we headed out towards France. On the way, we made a little stop in the adorable town of Gruyeres, the famous town which produces the cheese by the same name.

The town looks like something right out of a fairy tale. And it was all the more magical decked out for Christmas. One of the aspects I love about the Christmas decor in Europe is how tasteful and natural it is. Sprigs of real greenery, wreathes made from natural materials, and lovely red ribbons. 

The church choir was even practicing their Christmas carols, it was beautiful. 

Don't miss out on seeing Gruyeres. You can sample the cheese, and if you're interested, can even see the cheeses making process for yourself! My family definitely stocked up on some cheese before leaving which kept us munching away in the car! 

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