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Wednesday, April 6

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind. A good and hard combination with laughs and tears and lots of warm sunshine. Last week I headed to San Francisco for a few days with a close friend. She had never explored the city so we drove around and hit all the touristy spots. While I've been to SF many, many times, I'm always amazed at how beautiful it is. We drove down squiggly Lombard St, climbed Coit Tower and soaked in the impressive view of Alcatraz Island, laughed at the sea lions on Pier 39, and went on a gorgeous walk around the Golden Gate Bridge (and sang a lot of the Full House theme song…"everywhere you look…." haha). We actually were there for an MFT conference by Dr. Dan Siegel (if you ever get the chance to see him, do it. He will blow your mind with his brilliance!). 

Friday I drove out of the city via the Golden Gate Bridge and headed up to the mountains where our church was having a women's retreat. It was a great time of rest in the mountains, filled with thought provoking speakers, sweet chats with friends, and personal reflection. We all felt like we were in high school again, staying up late, eating candy and playing games! 

I returned home on Sunday, and my in-laws were visiting. It is always such a lovely treat to see them. They just left today, so i'm recuperating and returning to a bit of normal. 

I'm reading an incredible book right now called The Life Giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson. Ever since reading Sally's book Own Your Life, i've been a HUGE fan of her. The Life Giving Home is so up my alley, and I literally have to stop myself from reading all the chapters at once. I want to savor it. One quote I loved in which Sally was talking about the vision behind her home reads, 

"From the beginning, the vision Clay and I had for our home was to reflect the reality of the living God- to embody His sparkle, pleasure, artistry, fun and intimacy. God's truth was to be taught, cherished, obeyed daily within the boundaries of our home. His love was to be the oxygen that each of of us breathed. Observing the words and life of Christ, I began to understand that a servant's heart would be required to adequately meet the needs of those who stepped through our doors- whether those needs involved friendship, a place to rest, forgiveness and grace, guidance and instruction, a safe haven from the stresses of the world, or just a place to retreat from the mundane or the burdens of life. And this task began with a heart commitment to make home a holding place for all that is sacred, beautiful, valuable, and reflective of His reality"

Truly, I want to create the kind of home that reflects our amazing, creative, artistic God. Where people feel instantly welcomed and loved and cared for. While we are on a bit of a shoestring budget for decorating, i'm having fun thinking about the little things that make people feel inspired and comforted. And truly, love is the most beautiful part at all and I can surely give that:) 

I hope you are having a lovely week. If you've emailed me this week, i'm just now getting around to reading them, I promise to return your letters soon:) xoxo 

*ps- I'm a bit obsessed with stripped shirts right now, oops! The peplum top is from here, and the long stripped shirt is from here. 

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