3 Weeks with our British Mates!

Monday, November 21

It's been a bit quiet around this ol' blog lately, but that's because we've been road tripping up the California coast showing our British friends this great golden state:)

When we lived in Nepal in 2013, we met Matt and Kate our first Sunday at the international church. They are from England (Matt from Manchester and Kate from Essex). We quickly hit it off and became  great friends, laughing about our language differences (who knew so many words in British English are different than American English!), playing games, and teaching each other our own cultural recipes. We were so sad to leave them when we moved back to the USA, but over the last 3 years we've skyped every few months and kept in great touch.

We were over the moon when they mentioned coming to visit us this year! They planned a 3 week trip in November, and hugging them when they arrived at the airport was surreal. And since we've last seen them, they've had the cutest little boy named Isaac which we fell in love with quite quickly! I made them a huge sign complete with American flags on it, haha!!

In the three weeks they were here, we did so much! We road tripped up and down the California coast, we introduced them to authentic Mexican food, they made us sticky toffee pudding and steak and ale pie (Kevin's favorites when we visited England), and Matt even got to live out his American dream of going to the batting cages, haha!

They just left yesterday to fly back to the UK, and boy did we have a lot of fun! They truly became like family to us, and I was so excited to see them every day. Since they've left, I've actually been quite sad, and even shed a few tears today hahah! That's the extrovert in me, always sad to see people go!

The next few weeks i'll be sharing pics from our road trip starting down in Laguna Beach, and ending in Yosemite with all sorts of fun stops in between!

{our steak and ale pie, one regular, and one gluten free for me!! So delicious, my first time trying one} 
{Kate's adorable sweater is from here

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