Southern California with our Friends

Wednesday, November 23

 The first stop on our road trip with the Brits was down to Southern California where Kevin's family lives. We stayed with his parents in Orange County, and we were all mesmerized by the sun…it was 85 degrees at the beach in November!! We spent the first day in Newport beach, and the second in Laguna Beach at The Montage. Being a Tuesday, there was hardly anyone on the beach which was wonderful.

We also ate at all our favorites:
Bear Flag fish Co
True Food Kitchen
Pressed Juicery  (my favorite healthy dessert place)
And of course, Kevin's family's restaurant which we ate at for almost every meal, haha! Kate said her sandwich there was the best she had ever had! woo hoo!!

Spending the day on Laguna beach was so relaxing. Matt and Kate swam in the ocean (I poked my toe in, haha!), we took walks, and we played a rousing bacce ball game (where Kev and I pulled out the win at the bitter end), and we just talked and ate and relaxed. Isaac was obsessed with the sand and water, its as hilarious! Beach days are so fun…no expectations, just sun and sand and good people:)

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