Introducing our British friends to Halloween!

Monday, November 7

What do you do when your British friends are visiting and they've never celebrated Halloween?
You throw together a last minute party, make some chili and cornbread, and dig through your mom's dress-up clothes to find costumes!

While trying to be creative (and thrifty) with my costume, we decided to capitalize on my baby bump and scrounged up some orange duck tape to make a basketball out of my bump. Kev played basketball all through college, so he threw on a jersey and we called it good! I found a little dragon costume at a yard sale for our friend's baby, so we figured they'd better go with the medieval theme of princess and knight! My sister came as a pig-in-a-blanket, which was hilarious. My mom showed up as a crayon, my dad as robin hood (I think…). Matt and Kate even added a British twist by making us all sticky toffee pudding, which was a crowd favorite!

It was so fun for our friend's to experience their first halloween, handing out candy and dressing up. And of course I loved it, because you probably already know that I LOVE dressing up and I LOVE any excuse for a party:)

ps- a HUGE thank you to those who prayed for my poison oak. It's slowly getting better:)

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