Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 26

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving:) We had a lovely one filled with warm fires, amazing food, hilarious games, and good people. My parents had us for a big brunch today and we literally sat around all day by the fire talking and hanging out, it was perfect. Later in the evening, Kevin and I ran out to a few stores for black friday, and it was insane. I'm sticking with online shopping from now on, haha!!

Tomorrow we drive up to the mountains with friends to cut down our Christmas tree! We used to do this tradition as children, and i'm so excited for Kevin to cut down his very first tree:) It's supposed to be snowing all day, so it will be a bit of a winter wonderland…woo hoo!! I'm planning on making some peppermint hot chocolate to fill our thermos:) yum!

This picture has literally nothing to do with Thanksgiving (ha!), it was actually taken in Bora Bora this summer, and just found it on my hard drive and thought i'd share. I was about 2 months along with our baby, and all the old ladies on the cruise started asking me if I was pregnant. How they knew I have no idea (as I wasn't showing at all!), but they were so cute when they found out! A few of them offered to sew me blankets for the baby, ha! The dress i'm wearing is from here. 

I hope you all are doing well and had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Much love xoxo 

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