the simple things

Tuesday, March 20

this weekend was so lovely
it was full of the simple things
letting go
having no agenda

kevin surprised me friday night and took me to the symphony. but it wasn't just listening to music. it was actually an epic movie screening of Casablanca, and the symphony was playing the live score. truly surreal.

we stayed by the beach in Dana Point. we slept in. we read. we drove to Laguna Beach down PCH, and soaked in the beauty of the rain falling on the ocean. we marveled at the gorgeous homes dotting the landscape and both picked out our favorite ones. we found an irish pub and watched ohio beat gonzaga, and ate delicious food. what are the odds that the one day we go eat at an irish pub it's their most famous holiday all year, and we had NO idea it was st. patty's. we laughed at ourselves, were impressed by all the crazy green clothes and facial hair, got pinched by an old man for not wearing green, and got down to the irish jigs. smiles all around.

that night we soaked in the hot tub. we watched a movie. we put the fire on and ate popcorn.

I thank God for the simple gifts he gives us. And I delight in them.

Psalm 136:1Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.

What simple things are you thankful for this week?

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