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Friday, March 2

I love to laugh. I love that my husband is King at making me giggle like a child... sometimes I can't stop. Here are a few things that have made me double over with hysterics lately....

1) My brother in law's beard and rat tail...
now before you start thinking I like facial hair, I DON'T. I've forbidden my husband to have anything more than stubble. My rule is that for you to own the right of facial hair, you have to be a dad. Once you can grow a child, i'll let you grow a beard. Thankfully for me, my husband finds facial hair annoying and itchy, whew!

BUT...Kev's brother Nate-Dawg finds much delight in grossing me out with his nasty antics. Case in point- he grew a rat tail for 10 months. 10 months people! I'm pretty sure that's not allowed unless you are 5 years old (which is debatable) OR you live in a trailer park in the South. So yes, I'm the one who made Nate cut his little friend off...he was Kev's best man in our wedding and I forbade it to attend the glorious event. So a few days before the wedding he posted his sad face on instagram with the title "Rat-Tail Murderville". I laughed, a lot. and I didn't feel bad one tiny ounce.

And then after we were married...he wanted to grow this little number. The part that made me die laughing is that after months of grooming this grossness on his face, he told me he cut it because he was getting too much attention from guys. Ha! Ohhhhh Nate-dawg, you make us laugh!

2) This picture. Yeah, I know, weird right? I couldn't resist frightening my husband when we were dating by displaying how big his sweats really were on me. I'm glad he still married me despite this incriminating situation.
Evidently I did this more than once, because the other day I found THIS picture too. Weirdo.

3) My dad buying a neon green 1972 El Camino.

anyone buying an el camino lends itself to laugher because let's face it, those cars are weird- they look like slugs. But to begin, my dad owns a truck, and a car. There is no need for another vehicle. My mom had no answers. In it's maiden voyage to church it stalled on the freeway, yes the freeway. My sister sitting shot gun now has extremely mixed feelings about this purchase.

I asked him WHY and he thinks it would be great to transport his road bikes in. Hmmm, that will be a first for the world. And secondly, to his credit, he did say it only has 20,000 miles on it. I'm still not sure if that's a good trade off though.

Thanks for the laugh pops, i've never seen a grown man so excited to purchase something so...well...interesting!

4) Uses for the Dala Horse.
One of the symbols of our beloved homeland, Sweden, is the Dala Horse. I grew up amidst dala horse shrines (ie: dala horse collections). But no where have I seen the use for Dala horses more random as I did in the little town of Kingsburg. In my own opinion, the dentist went a little overboard....

5) fake western pictures
not gonna lie, doing those old western pictures is hilarious, and simultaneously creepy. Kev and I went up to Tahoe with our dear friends Patrick and Michelle. And one night, walking through downtown South Lake Tahoe, Michelle and I begged our husbands with gusto to do those western photo things. They relented. We may have had a quick relapse in excitement when the dresses we donned looked like they hadn't made an appearance in the washing machine in years, and the scuzzy fishnet stockings were a whole other story! And don't get me started on the camera man. Look buddy, we don't want a picture of us all shooting each other, thank you very much. So yes, we opted for the traditional western photo (if there is one...) and this is what we go. Giggles....

So laugh a lot today! It's one of God's best gifts, and he delights in our laughter!!
Love Katie


  1. wow that's great, thanks for making my night :)

  2. What a beautiful car! You just don't find many cars these days with such graceful elegance. Nice decision on your Dad's part Katie!

    er, ah, John Doe

  3. gahahaha,,
    your pictures in sweat! intimidating, yes.


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