UK or bust...

Thursday, March 29 the cats out of the bag...

Kevin and I booked our tickets to the UK a few weeks ago!
i'm ecstatic!

one of the things I adore about my hubs is that he is so adventurous and spontaneous. he loves clicking "purchase" buttons on airfare websites, and so do I, so naturally we fit. I think this trip will take us up to our 35th country, or something like that!

our trip will take us to Ireland, Scotland and England, for 3 weeks baby! we wasted no time in ordering the master's guide...Rick Steve's UK and Ireland! and we've been sneaking in travel plans here and there (ie: on car rides, picnics, and embarrassingly enough, we spent dinner a few nights ago glued to a Rick Steve's Hulu show on Ireland. yes, you can say it, we are nerds!)

we are fleshing out plans, but let me give you some of my initial thoughts on things we want to see:

Keizy and Fam:
this whole trip was born out of the fact that my roommate from college (the lovely Keiz) now lives with her hubby and sweet pea in the North of England. She's only over there a few years, and Kevin and I were NOT going to miss the chance to visit them. So yes, she's my excuse to validate our reason to go:) And i'm SO excited to see her and the town she calls home:) and excited to laugh....I don't know what it is about this girl, but we get strange when we get together. so yes, let the giggles begin.

Highclere Castle in England:

if you've seen Downton Abbey, then you will recognize this castle as the Grantham's humble (errr not so humble) abode! OMG! When I figured out it was a 50 min train ride from London, I knew there was NO way we were going to miss it! I'm going to walk around like Lady Mary, and of course Kevin will have to assume the role of Matthew..ohhh it will b sooooo romantic:) And if you haven't seen Downton Abbey then you are missing out on the best show EVER. you should believe me too (even though I don't watch any tv.... or own one!)

Anything Jane Austin:

I have been a Jane Austin addict since I first picked up the dusty Pride and Prejudice from the library in high school. I'm THAT girl that adores the 5 hour P&P (to my husband and probably the world's chagrin), the 2005 P&P, Gwenie in Emma, and pretty much anything that has to do with Miss Austin herself! My BFF who lives in England just sent me a JA postcard, telling me there is a JA museum in the town close to where she lives. score!!! We are SO going. I'm also thinking we'll go to Bath too...maybe reenact some Persuasion? My goal before we leave for the UK is for Kevin to sit all 5 hours as we watch Elizabeth and Darcy fall in love...really, is there any better love story? Wish me luck and no fast forwarding!

Cliffs of Ireland!!:
let's be honest, that movie Leap Year was a tad (or MORE) ridiculous. But...I would watch that movie again just to see the scenery. fantastic it was by FAR my favorite character in that movie. when what's his name was proposing to what's her name, all I could focus on (obvi) is the cliffs over the ocean and the sun illuminating the green hillside. Gahh...maybe i'll make Kevin recreate that scene with me. Hmmm...another movie i'm going to have to coerce him into watching with me! (hmmm....i'm sensing a trend with recreating movie scenes. don't worry, it's probably more fun to imagine recreating it than actually recreating it and feeling really embarrassed when other tourists are embarrassed for you, and awkward laughter ensues...)

Irish Music

i'm not kidding, one of my fantasies has always been irish clogging. no joke. i used to watch Lord of the Dance for fun totally crushing on Michael Flatlley and wishing i get down with those crazy shoes. and this was like last year. my goal is to find a good irish pub, cement my rear to the seat, and tap my feat to some good ol' fashion irish jigs and live my dream. it will happen. and if you see my name featured on a lord of the dance youtube, don't be surprised. and don't watch it. please.

Freedom's family:
our good friend Tony and Dayna are some of the coolest people we know. they love Jesus and live in a super diverse part of London where they just LOVE their neighbors well. and they have a daughter named Freedom, and she is pretty much the epitome of her name. we are staying with them, hoping to soak up London and learn and touch and feel and sense what Abba is doing in that city. so pumped for fellowship with them. did I mention they are like the coolest ever?


seriously, I know nothing about this country that's technically not a country but is a country. confusing right? i mean, i know all the neccessary info like that Prince William went to college there at St Andrews, and Nessie is roaming in a loch, and that William Wilbeforce did something in a kilt, and that scotch made it's debut there. the essentials, right? so yeah, I guess I still have EVERYTHING to learn about this mystical country.

thankfully our buddy Rick can fill in a few gaps. yes, yes we are SO excited to go. and thankful that sweet Jesus has provided so much for this trip already for us!

looking forward to adventure and sweet JOY with those that I love!!
and ps- travel tips are welcome!!

love katie


  1. How exciting! I'm sure you've already heard this tip, but a friend tipped me off to Irish bed and breakfasts when Alex and I went a couple of years ago-- for only a few euros more than a hostel you get private rooms, friendly hosts, and the most amazing breakfasts of your lives! (Seriously, copious amount of delicious food that may keep you from needing lunch!) We just went off Trip Advisor reviews for the best ones and were thrilled with all of our finds! Yay for Downton Abbey too-- my favorite show, definitely want to visit there too!

  2. Katie Scotland is so beautiful you will love it! Edinburgh was amazing, with its Castle and cobblestone. The gardens below the Castle are fun to walk in. We walked all the way to the end of the main street (Canangate) from the Castle to the Queen's Gallery, went south a little and then west again on a little trail through the hills and park to a tiny loch and Holyrood Park. We stayed at Castle Rock hostel, which was one of the favorite hostels I stayed at, because it has a lounge with muraled walls and huge sunny windows. We went to a restaurant around the corner from it called The Last Drop for Haggis and whatnot that I liked. There's also the coffee shop that JK Rowling supposedly started writing Harry Potter at, on a napkin, which a great view of the castle that I like to think inspired her. We also went to Glasgow, and walked around the university, which has a building that makes you feel like you're in Harry Potter, huge and all stone and absolutely beautiful, with stained glass. There's a also a neat botanical greenhouse arboretum there. Lastly, we also stayed in Inverness for a night and saw Loch Ness. I really liked walking around Inverness, you can eat by the river and we found a pub with great music. Hope that helps! I'm so jealous! You guys are going to have such a great trip :)

    1. Sounds like a fun trip and yes, Scotland is beautiful! I've been living in Scotland for a few years now and love my new home. I love that so many Davis peeps are making their way over to the UK lately. :-)
      Hope you have a great time!

  3. oh my gosh! this is awesome!

    I love Downton Abbey- I've only watched a few episodes, but I'm totally hooked, and I love, nay, am OBSESSED with Jane Austen. Last summer I read all of her books...I know- nerd. I have no tips for you except for take lots of pictures and write about it here so I can live vicariously through you!!!

    This sounds amazing- especially reconnecting with college friends. So happy.

  4. oh you will love ireland! i went in 2008 and can't wait to go back. can't wait to see your pictures! xx

  5. I just died laughing about lord of the dance! That picture is priceless!

    And hello - I watch the 5 hour P&P regularly. We need to live by each other asap.


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