thankful birthday fullness

Tuesday, March 13

thankful I am.

thankful for birthday phone calls emails and texts. thankful for birthday bike rides, and picnics and dinners in a blue bayou. thankful for birthday ladybug strawberries and sweet co-workers. thankful for a loving, gracious beautiful God that extends so much kindness in the form of relationships. thankful for a birthday husband who makes waffles and sings to me and give me breakfast in bed on a red "you are special plate". thankful to birthday friends who dress us in ridiculous costumes and play crazy games to honor me on my special day.

{how cute is this? my two favorites...dark dark chocolate and strawberries surprise from co-workers}
{we biked to the park, ate a yummy picnic, relaxed and planned our UK trip. perfect}
{ate at the blue bayou restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at D-land...
soooooooo romantic}
{does it surprise you that our birthday theme was international? people went all out...loved it}
{my sweet twinsie Chelsea...we share the same birthday}

thankful to be alive. thankful to be at peace. thankful for you.

(and thankful that I have one more birthday surprise waiting for me...Kev's stealing me away this weekend to a disclosed location..yippee I LOVE surprises!)


  1. Happy birthday!!! I am thankful that you were so blessed on your special day!!!

  2. ooooh, a secret weekend location surprise! happy birthday to you! xoxo

  3. So happy to see you had such a great day!! Wish i could have celebrated in person with you my friend!


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