All things new...

Friday, March 9

Today is my day of birth.

I love March because to me, it seems to symbolize new life. Buds morph into blossoms, and heaven kisses life into spring. Sweet scents carry, and the loveliest and happiest of all flowers blooms, the daffodil, my favorite.

And every 9th day of March, the sun comes out and warms me deep from the inside:) So much thanks in me for life, and for the people and God who breathe life into me.

Today Kevin and spent the entire car ride to our Perspectives Class reminiscing about the most perfect day exactly a year ago. I spent my birthday in Bali. On a beach. At a water palace. Riding scooters around Ubud. And dreaming, dreaming the best of life with my best friend. Loveliness that is forever etched into my heart.
So this year I thank Abba for the aroma of sweet memories that flood my spirit and remind me that truly, I am loved. Despite my shortcomings and mistakes, GRACE is my birthday gift, a reminder that HE makes all things new. He is making me new. That today, sweet Savior reaches with tenderness and calls me Beloved, and tells me He's glad I was born.

Ah yes, i'm thankful to be alive. Another year to learn, to grow, to soak in HIS love, and to taste and see that
the Lord,
ah loving Abba,
HE is good.
with much hope on this lovely day,


  1. Happy birthday!!!! March sure is a good month as its my birthday next week.

    I pray that the year ahead will bring with it a tidal wave of blessings, that our Father will fill your life with love, light and laughter!!!

    Enjoy your special day!!!

  2. Happiest of birthdays to you my sweet AMAZING friend!!!!! I am so thankful for your life and the way you breath life into mine! God has truly blessed me through your friendship- continents apart! I love you so much Sis!

  3. happy birthday!! sorry im a day late...hope it was a great one!

  4. thanks for the birthday love!!! It was a great day:)

  5. Happy belated birthday! hugs!!!!!


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