together, because marriage matters

Monday, May 13

 My brother emailed me today and asked how our marriage was going in Nepal,
 being that we are in a hard place with new types of stressors. 

I sat for a moment in pure silence, thinking and reflecting upon that loaded question. A warm and lovely light seem to illuminate the home we've made here, and I smiled as the answers began to form. 

It's hard to describe how beautiful our precious time here together has been, 
and in short to his question, my answer would be delightful. 

Yes, our marriage has been delightful over here in Nepal. 

not because we are perfect people
despite the fact that we look pretty ragged and gross after puking up last night's dal bhat
or the fact that our bathroom conversations typically end with one of us yelling "my butt just fell off" 
{which is probably about as unromantic as it comes especially when the smell wafts over}
and also, despite the fact that sometimes I'm an emotional train wreck with sob stains on my cheek 

but mostly because our marriage matters in this place. 
It matters because our love is a light that shines in darkness. 
and our love is on a mission to bring the kingdom of God, here and now. 
every marriage matters in the place they are, because every marriage is a ministry. 

every time we serve one another and choose to love even when it's hard, 
heaven tenderly pours down. 
and when our love is on mission to be about more than just us,  
it is a very small expression of Christ, who gave himself up for others. 

today as we lay on our bed in the morning, I leaned over and gently kissed Kev, 
whispering in his ear that I was humbled to be his. 
we laughed and talked about what made this time so special. 

back in the US, when we were both working full time, evenings and weekends were our only time just the two of us. The days filled, and we always had somewhere to be. 
But here in Nepal, we are together every moment of every day. 
we walk all over the city together, we snuggle up at night after the electricity has gone out and talk and laugh and watch movies together, we attempt to cook together, and buy fresh vegetables and fruit at the market together. we meet new people together, and teach the girls english and even some songs and dances together, we take each other to the doctors together, and slowly, painfully learn nepali together. 
my favorite word. 
It is like Abba has handed us this sacred gift of time, 
where we have one goal and one heart to love and serve God.  
We get to dream and plan and organize and write together. 

recently an amazing organization that works with rescuing trafficked girls approached us about helping to start a website for their handicraft business. Their items are amazing (I can't wait to feature a few on the blog, and maybe even do a give-a-way!). But what was so exciting is just thinking about how Kevin and I are a team in all we do. And that this adventure is really two hearts living as one. 

and that I think is the essence of what makes marriage so sacred and special. 
that God in his infinite wisdom 
would plan a union that unites two,
as a strong cord
 to LOVE God, love each other, and love others
it's like holy teamwork. 
and even as I sit here all disheveled in my pajamas, my hair a tangled knotty mess, and probably like 500 parasites crawling around having a party inside of me, I feel so thankful to be loved so fully by a man who chooses each and every day not just to "exist and get through" life with me but to "LIVE OVERFLOWING" life with me in a crazy, adventurous, brave, abundant kind of way. 

a way that chooses "us" over "me".
because marriage matters. 

and i'm so humbled that God gave me Kev. 

happy day sweet friend,
love Katie 


  1. Wow! What a blessing--and what a God-thing that He gives you that love for each other even in such different and stressful situations, too. It's completely true that an excellent marriage is a blessing to the people around you as well!

  2. ...marriage matters...marriage is a ministry....what amazing and awesome thoughts.


  3. Hahaha so sweet, you have such a beautiful heart.

  4. "Holy Teamwork." Love that! =)

  5. I love you both - and that you are hitched to eachother! I know it's a blessing for the women you work with to witness a God-filled marriage. You have a pretty neat brother too ;-)

  6. Absolutely. ADORE. this post. Seriously, you two are amazing!

  7. Absolutely. ADORE. this post! Seriously, you two are amazing!

  8. Yes, all of it, YES. Thanks for the reminder and for putting it into words so perfectly.

  9. I am so praying for you guys! I am so sorry you guys are so sick. Yucky! Glad you have each other but prayign that all this yuckiness passes soon.

  10. What a treasure this post is!

  11. So beautiful and true Katie! We were told before we moved to Moose Factory that our marriage would be the greatest asset to our ministry and we have so seen this to be true! Our marriage is a representation of Christ and His church and so few people have seen healthy, beautiful marriages. I'm so grateful that y'all are getting this time together. Together is my favorite word too! :) I too, sometimes just sit back and am overwhelmed by the Lord's grace. Your marriage will affect more people than you'll even realize! :) So proud of y'all!

  12. Love, Love this!! Beautiful words, beautiful marriage!

  13. Katie. This is SO beautiful. Praying for you both!!!

  14. Katie, this is so beautiful! Praying for you both!

  15. This is absolutely beautiful, Katie. Thanks for sharing your heart. At a time where people around our age don't care about marriage it is wonderful to see yours thriving and serving the Lord.

  16. so beautifully written , as usual. a truly special message. you two are lucky to have each other and you're lucky to understand marriage so well so early on in your life.

  17. So cute. yall are precious !!

  18. Every marriage is a ministry. That is so so true! I get to work with my husband everyday and I am so thankful to spend that time together. It can be challenging, yes. But it has made our relationship so much stronger!

  19. It really is a special gift to do full-time ministry with the love of your life, isn't it? Praise the Lord. His gifts are always good!

  20. This is such a grand blessing!! I truly wish that my marriage was this God-centered and beautiful in the first few years of our marriage, but it wasn't (but now it is, nearly 9 years through our marriage walk together). What a grand reflection you two can be of Christ's love for His church. Hope your bums stay in place by the way.

  21. katie, this is amazing. so true and so inspiring. sometimes i forget that my marriage is a ministry. i forget that it is an small representation of christs relationship with the church. i forget to be humble and serving and selfless when i have a million "to-do's", bills to pay and dinner to prepare. i needed this today sweet friend. i am so thankful for my marriage and for what it represents. for the gift of getting to "do life together" with a man i'm so unworthy of. and i'm so thankful for your amazing experience with kevin over in nepal. you will tell your kids about this time for the rest of your lives.... love u! xox

  22. so, so true. it's not about just getting through life but making it a life for and through God--abundant in love! that's a great thing to remember no matter where you are :) have a wonderful day katie!

    grace & love,

  23. Beautifully written Katie! I remember when Dan and I started getting serious in our relationship, we may have even been engaged, but he always talked about us being a team. There was always an "us" when he spoke about the future. It took me a while to understand that part of life because sometimes I am too fiercely independent. Together is now my favorite word too...

  24. Love this post! Really enjoyed your guest post on the Mikaela Rae blog!


  25. This is so beautiful, Katie. Thank you for painting a picture of what real love looks like for girls like me. You two are an incredible team.

  26. Sweet, beautiful, Katie. What a wonderful post to read! How special that in the midst of a new culture & new challenges, you and your husband and growing closer! Where some might be tempted to think about "ME", you are focusing on "US" and it is so obvious how the Lord is blessing your marriage for being faithful to HIS calling.

    So, so so beautiful! You are a light not only there in Nepal, but to anyone reading! Thank you for sharing this!

    {and I TOTALLY appreciate your honest bathroom hubby and I are the same way. it's just that way, especially in another country. Hubs told me recently that he was going to call over a pastor to cast the demons out of my butt} bahahahahah! Hate the stomach issues, but LOVE him!

  27. Katie, beautifully expressed. I felt the exact same way while we were over seas-it is a true gift of time to be together, fully learn to rely on eachother, and live united in mission and in experience. It's a season you'll long for for years to come, so enjoy every minute and keep doing the wonderful things you're doing! Love you much!-Emily

  28. "holy team-work"
    I just, i loved this post...seriously.
    Praying for y'all {just prayed}.
    I love your outlook...and that you're able to recognize the beautiful blessings God is giving you! <3

  29. My sweet Katie,

    I just read this, and I am so thankful I clicked the link in your blog that led to this. As Josh and I are about to step into marriage and our lifelong commitment to each other, your words, your stories, and your love for Kev is a light and an encouragement to me. Though my heart longs for you to be here with us, your life in Nepal brings such hope, such celebration, and such a reminder of the Kingdom of God and his work in us and through us. I cannot wait to be married and hope and pray that our lives will joyfully surrender and follow Jesus as you and Kevin do. I love you, my beautiful friend, parasites and all.

  30. Katie dear,

    I just wrote you a long response, only to find that it was deleted in the process of posting. I shall try to re-create. I am so thrilled that I stumbled upon this entry by clicking a link in a post you made recently. I am so blessed by your love for Kevin; his love for you. Thank you for your words and your reflections. As I step into making a lifelong commitment to Josh in just over a week, I take such heart in watching the Lord move in your marriage and your life with Kevin. Though my heart longs for you to be with us, it is through your life in Nepal, your stories, your devotion and service that I am finding deep excitement and encouragement to enter into marriage with Josh. It is my hope and prayer that we, too, can serve and follow with such abandon, totally surrendered to the work of the Kingdom. You, my sweet friend, are such a beautiful example of humility, grace, honesty and love. your eagerness to learn and to think and grow and love inspires me. I love you so much, and take joy today in connecting with you through your stories.

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  32. Sweet Katie your marriage is so inspiring and sets such a beautiful example. It reminds me that I am often quick to forget how blessed I am with Trevor and your love for Kevin inspires me to be a better more loving wife - thank you. :)

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