A hike from Goreme to Uchisar, Cappadocia, Turkey

Friday, August 8

On our last day in Cappadocia, we found a hike from our home-base of Goreme to the adorable little town of Uchisar. If you go to Cappadocia, do not miss Uchisar. High above the cliffs in Uchisar, sits the Uchisar castle…which is basically a glorified cave with many many rooms inside! It is very impressive! 

That morning, we set off on foot from Goreme to our destination of Uchisar. We hiked through a most enchanting valley, filled with "fairy chimneys" {however Kevin and I found another name for them…*ahem*} Every five minutes or so, we would stop, soak it all in, and then just break out in laughter at how crazy the scenery was. We felt as though we were on Mars, haha! 

Once we arrived in Uchisar, we were so surprised to see so many upscale boutique hotels. Evidently Uchisar is a bit posh, catering to wealthy French tourists. I imagined what it might feel like to stay in such a palatial place with a stunning view:) We found a fun restaurant and ordered what had become our go-to meal…grilled meat! haha! Then we hiked up the Uchisar castle and drank some fresh orange juice at the top! 

While I think it's a good idea to take some planned tours in Cappadocia to get a feel for the region, it is also imperative to spend some time exploring on your own. It will leave you breathless by it's captivating landscape {and if you are out of shape like me, it will leave you breathless by it's hiking! ha} 

Happy Weekend friends! Enjoy! 

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