Bodrum {our first Turkish beach town}

Monday, August 25

Following our day in Ephesus, we hopped on an early morning bus and headed to Bodrum, an easy 3 hour drive. We were headed to Bodrum to catch our ferry to the Greek Isles, but we were so happy to have experienced this little slice of Turkey on the coast. Bodrum has been called "St. Tropez" of Turkey, with many upscale shops, a beautiful harbor with multi-million dollar yachts, and just an air of sophistication. Kevin and I had 5 hours to kill before we caught our ferry to Santorini, so we rented a scooter and explored the surrounding beaches! It was a blast, and I'd totally recommend scootering around if you are ever needing to kill time. We stopped off at a particular beach and got drinks, while taking full advantage of the fantastic beach chairs! In some ways, I wish we could have had more time in to spend in Bodrum because it really was quite pretty and we only scratched the surface. Bodrum has a deep history, including the Bodrum castle, below. I think one could spend a few days in and around the Bodrum peninsula! So beautiful:) If you are thinking about spending some time at the beach, Bodrum and Marmaris are both great options {and I think Marmaris actually won out as my favorite!}

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