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Monday, August 11

{Marmaris, Turkey} 

One of the most frequently asked questions I get in my inbox is, "I love your travel style…how do you know what to pack that is both comfortable and cute?". First, let me totally blush and say to you that I'm flattered. And then let me secondly laugh and tell you that I'll be the first to tell you i've never thought of myself as a fashionista! But, because so many of you have asked for advice in this regard, I will do my best to bring you what I've got:) Ready? Here goes…

1. First things first…. "KNOW" where you are going. 
{Rhodes, Greece}

I don't mean "know" your location in the sense that you have a map and a hotel booked. I mean, "know" it in terms of packing essentials. Everywhere you go is different, and therefore your suitcase will always be filled with unique items to meet the standards of your adventure! Here are some things you should "know": 

…..know the weather: First of all, what season are you traveling in? What hemisphere are you traveling in? If you're traveling to Prague in January {their winter}, you're going to need warm coats, sweaters, leggings and boots! But if you're going to Australia in January {their summer} you'll need swim suits, sun dresses, and sandals! Pinpoint your season/climate! I'm a crazy person when it comes to checking the weather before I leave for a trip! I want to know exactly what i'm getting in to and how to pack. THe worst thing you can do is pack for ALL types of weather because you aren't sure, because then you end up with twice as many clothes as you need AND still have to lug them around!! With modern technology, we can pretty much predict the weather, so check that weather app like it's your job:) 

….know the geography and  terrain: Are you traveling somewhere with rough terrain? Or a place with a lot of mosquitos or bugs to stay away from? If you are headed to a destination that has steep hills to climb {think Machu Picchu} you'd best be leaving your stiletto's at home:) If you are traversing through dense jungle with the threat of leeches and bugs, you'll want to bring some breathable cover-ups! Think about what the location has in store for you in terms of geography, and plan accordingly! 

….know the cultural dress and what is appropriate: It is so important to be aware of the cultural standards for a city/country. As a traveler and ambassador of your home country, you want to be sensitive to the needs and values of others. If you are traveling to a highly religious place {for example, India} you will want to do some research to find out what kind of dress is appropriate in which region. When Kevin and I lived in Nepal, we made sure to abide by the cultural norms of the city. I never wore shorts while in Kathmandu, and even bought a few cultural outfits to wear around town. Even if other tourists aren't abiding by the dress code doesn't mean you should be relaxed about it:) Being a traveler isn't just about seeing the sites, it's about engaging with the world and learning more about their culture and customs!
{Istanbul, Turkey}

2. Secondly, always go for comfort! 
{Pamukkale, Turkey} 

The last thing you want to be doing when adventuring is be thinking about how you can't wait to get back to the room to change your clothes. When you travel, you want to feel free and happy to fully engage right where you are! However, being comfortable doesn't mean sacrificing your personal style! When going through your closet, or purchasing items at the store, look for pieces that you could effectively walk miles in. On our recent trip to the Mediterranean, I packed quite a few skirts, dresses, and rompers. These were all super comfy, even more so than jeans!

3. Pick some basic pieces, and build around them! 

{Grand Baazar, Istanbul, Turkey} 

You'll notice I often bring a lot of foundational items, and then build around them. Pack one pair of jeans, and a few cute tops to go with them. Pack a classic black dress that you can easily accessorize. Pack one jacket that can slip on over any outfit in your bag.

4. Pack one or two funky pieces to be worn on a special day! 

{Ephesus, Turkey}

Sometimes it's just plain fun to have a special item of clothing for that perfect outing.  When we finalized our plans to the mediterranean, I knew I wanted to find a very "Greek" looking dress to wear when the time was right! I picked this flowy white dress above, and felt like an ancient greek woman walking around Ephesus! I had numerous Chinese tourists stop me to ask if they could take a pictures of me, because I evidently blended so well into the ruins! haha! It felt delightful as the breeze picked up through my dress and I sat staring at the famous library ruins of Ephesus, dressed in the some fitting attire:)

4. Accessorize! 

{Kos, Greece}

It's true that a few small/cheap accessories can help freshen things up when you travel. Pack a few statement necklaces that can easily be worn with a few different outfits, or some fun earrings that help your basic black dress pop! My new favorite accessory item is the hat! I am loving that hats are in style now:) I picked one of my favorite hats up at a yard sale, and then another one for real cheap at F21.

5. Don't be afraid to wear the same thing more than once! 
{Santorinni, Greece}

God forbid someone seen you in the same outfit twice!! haha...just throw that logic out the window. In an effort to keep your bags light, go back to quality over quantity! Pack a few really cute essentials that you can mix and match multiple times! On our last trip to Turkey, Cappadocia was the only part of our trip that was going to be cold, so I only wanted to pack one "cold" outfit. I wore it the entire time in Cappadocia {shhhh, don't tell any one! haha} You'll notice in all our pics i'm wearing the same thing, and I embraced it! It was comfy, easy to hike in, and fit with my personal style.

{Santorinni, Greece}

A few handy tips: 

a) Buy clothing in country! One of my favorite things is perusing the local markets in the country we are traveling through. Not only is this a cultural experience, but it allows you to bring a very useful souvenir home for yourself! One of my favorite dresses was bought at a market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

b) Utilize Pinterest! If you are stuck on how to put together a good travel outfit, search pinterest! The possibilities are endless!

c) Dress the Part! Look to see how you can "blend" in to the culture by googling the current styles and fashions in that country! Try to imitate the style!!

d) Borrow Clothes! It's always fun to have a few new items to wear on your trip! Swap clothes with friends to bring on your trip! Last summer when I went to Europe, my sweet friend Katie let me borrow quite a few of her clothes which made dressing up even more exciting!

The bottom line is that the only "perfect" outfit is one that you feel confident and comfortable in! Don't compare yourself to anyone else...but find your fit and go with it! I hope these tips are helpful!! Happy Traveling friends!!

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