Pamukkale, Turkey

Wednesday, August 13

While it is impossible to pick a favorite from our Turkey/Greece trip, Pamukkale remains one of the most memorable days for me.

Pamukkale is an incredible spectacle for the eye, as an entire hill is covered in white travertines {terraces of carbonate minerals} with bubbling hot springs water. The most amazing part is that we could actually swim in the mineral pools! It all looked like snow to me, so unique!

Atop Pamukkale is the ancient city of Hierapolis {which is also mentioned in the Bible!}. You enter the world heritage site at the top of the mountain, and explore the ancient ruins of the city! The city was the unfortunate recipient of numerous earthquakes, and so was abandoned at a certain time.  It truly amazing to stand at the top of the old stadium and seeing the travertine pools below.

Between the city of Hierapolis and the travertine pools, are the ancient baths that were built for the city inhabitants to enjoy. It looks much like a modern day pool except that old pillars and columns lay at the bottom of the pool floor. Very picturesque.

Seeing the travertine terraces was absolutely unbelievable. Pool beyond pool beyond pool, filled with natural hot spring water. Half the pools are not accessible to tourists, but the other half are, and we took full advantage of it! Kevin and I literally laid out enjoying each pool, and marveling at the white beauty that surrounded us. The place was swarming with tourists {mostly Russian} but we didn't care…we just soaked in all the sun and warmth of the mineral water on our skin! People watching was hilarious.

This day will be forever etched in my memory! Sun and water and the love of my life! If you are going to Pamukkale, you really only need one full day to enjoy the pools and ruins. Enjoy the pics! They don't do it justice, at all! But I tried!!

And, today is my 3 year wedding anniversary to the man I love most in all the world. Kevin, you are kind, generous, humble, Godly, and hilarious. I do not deserve you, and never will. The way you love me is absolutely indescribable, and I have never felt more adored and cared for. Praising God for you today:) 

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