Th island of Kos, Greece

Wednesday, August 27

If you are planning on taking the ferry from Bodrum {Turkey} to Santorini {Greece}, you will undoubtedly stop on the island of Kos and change boats. Kos is only about an hour ferry from Bodrum,  and carries the same distinctive charm with the climbing bougainvillea, blue shutters, and cobblestone streets. However, stepping into Greece just feels so different. You change languages, currency, and culture. I immediately fell in love with Kos the minute we disembarked, and was sad we only had a few hours to explore the small yet gorgeous island. We found a cafe tucked far away from the main tourist drag, and ate gyros! So utterly melt-in-your-mouth-delicious. I almost cried. Kevin and I just sat at the table, our eyes feasting on all the beauty around us. I'm convinced the Greeks invented just about every awesome thing in the world {olympics, gyros, feta, greek yogurt, charm….. RIGHT?!?!?)…just wait till you see my pictures of Santorini next week:) Happy Wednesday friends!

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