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Tuesday, September 2

Yesterday, after 32 hours of driving, my siblings dropped me off. We had been traveling for the last 5 days into the interior of Mexico. We drove, took a small plane, then ambulance, then hiked on foot for a few hours to run a mother/baby clinic in an incredibly remote canyon, helping out the doctors with whatever we could do. I really have no words right now to describe experience, but am still in awe that God gave us a glimpse into this valuable work. 

I am just so reminded and encouraged that God's freedom is for everyone, no matter what corner of the earth we occupy. His grace is radical and tender. And I was inspired continually to give my life even more to the things that matter. 

But for now, i'm absolutely exhausted:) I will share more pictures and stores tomorrow! Hope your labor day was incredibly restful and good! 

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