Marmaris, our favorite beach town in Turkey

Wednesday, September 24

Marmaris was a bit of a last minute decision for us, and we were thanking our lucky starts we got to spend some time in this haven. Marmaris is situated in a cove, on the southern tip of the western coast, so that you are surrounded by mountains on every side. To me, it felt a bit like hawaii, lush and green, with warm water lapping at your feet. Like any touristy European beach town, the coast is swarming with beach clubs complete with chairs, umbrellas, and waiters. The nice part is that you didn't pay to use the umbrellas and chairs, you just had to buy a drink, which we probably would have done anyway! After a crazy 2 weeks tromping through Turkey and ferrying all over Greece, we were exhausted. I will never forget the morning in Marmaris when we woke up, ate a delicious breakfast overlooking the ocean, and then just sat at the beach doing nothing but reading and sipping cold drinks. It sure was a blessing. 

Here are a few of my favorite things to do in Marmaris: 
1. Walk the ocean front promenade: As I mentioned, Marmaris is in a cove. All along the beach front, there is a path that walks you all around the cove. There are interesting shops, hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs. It's a gorgeous stroll, and especially fun at night when all the lights come on! So magical! 

2. Swim and lounge at a beach club: There are a million beach clubs! Find one that suits your fancy and park yourself for the day! We picked one with chill music (think Frank Sinatra, instead of House music), a little away from the main downtown area so it was quieter, and of course one where the chairs looked clean and new! There really are some great choices to pick from. The chairs/umbrellas are free, you just pay for the drinks! 

3. Enjoy a dinner at night along the water: Marmaris had a slew of incredible restaurants dotting the shores. At night, all the lights come on, and the water lights up! Kevin and I had such a hard time choosing a restaurant, but in the end chose one callad Bono. It was right on the water, was super hip and swanky, and the prices weren't too bad! They totally accommodated my gluten/dairy allergy, and the food was yum!! 

Of the two beach towns we visited, Bodrum and Marmaris, I would have to say I enjoyed Marmaris a little more. But both are great options!! Happy Wednesday friends,

ps- If you want to giggle, read my friend Erika's post about online dating here. #icouldn'tstoplaughing 

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