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Friday, September 12

This week has literally worn me down. I'm tired and exhausted. A week is the sum of its parts, and all the small things just swept into a title wave that crashed on me last night. I came home from class at 9:30pm and fell on the floor, literally. Sweet Kevin gave me a massage and processed with me. What a champion I married!  

I'm ready for the weekend, mostly just to have time to rest. I'm so happy God invented the idea of the sabbath, aren't you? I've decided this weekend will be a bit of a sabbath for me, to regroup, do some self-care, and just spend time with God and with my beloved.

Here are some of the things i'm looking forward to:

- Reading for pleasure! I'm reading an incredible book right now called "The Heart of a Servant Leader: letters from Jack Miller". Guys, it may be one of my favorite books ever! EVER! {process that!} It is essentially letters from a very humble Godly man to different people in his congregation who were in positions of leadership or in overseas ministry. His advice is absolutely on point, and beyond. Such wise words, and i'm soaking them up. I'm pretty sure i've filled at least 10 pages of his quotes in my journal, and i'm only half way through! If you are going into overseas ministry, i'd especially recommend this for you! Here's the book here in case you are interested in it!

- Hitting up some Yard Sales! Did you see my $5 Outfit post from Wednesday? I'm kinda thinking I may start a series called "Second-hand Style" or something that showcases all the awesome finds I get at garage sales! And we all know the less money I spend on clothes, the more money Kev and I have to travel…hooray!

- Decorating our Room! So…as a bit of a recap, when Kevin and I moved home from Nepal exactly a year ago now, we decided to move into his parent's house. They have a large house, and were so generous to give us the entire upstairs as our domain! For the last year, I've hardly done anything to the room to make it "ours". But recently, they got rid of some of their furniture in it, and his mom gave me the green light to paint! It went from being red and beige, to being a lovely light and airy white! I adore it! Our bed only takes up a tiny portion of the room, so i've been pinning and craigslisting like crazy to decorate into a little upstairs retreat for us:) This weekend my goal is to conquer buying house plants!!! Wish me luck…I seem to have a track record as a plant killer in my past, yikes!

- Getting ready to post some really exciting blogs next week!!! Friends, I hope you stay tuned to what i'm sharing next week!! I have some fun give-aways and invitations for you to be part of something absolutely phenomenal!!! {do I have your attention now? haha…I hope so!}

Have a restful weekend dear friends! You are so loved and appreciated here! 

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