The Island of Rhodes, Greece

Monday, September 22

Rhodes was a totally surprise of an island, in many ways! When we booked our trip to Greece (a day before we left) we were literally at the mercy of the ferries to decide what islands we went to. We knew we wanted to go to Santorini, but beyond that, we were totally open to any islands! (As I predicted, you cannot go wrong with a Greek island!) The travel agent found that there was a ferry from Santorini to Rhodes the day we needed, and promptly booked it. Usually Kevin and I do tons of research on the places we are traveling to, but seeing as we found out we were going to Rhodes 2 days before we arrived, we didn't have much time to learn about it.

We were immediately smitten with our destination. Rhodes is phenomenal island, and is a jewel for medieval history buffs! It actually has one of the most well preserved medieval cities in the world, with an old wall and a castle! Beyond the quint and charming history, it has some pretty incredible beaches! The water hung a heavy blue and turquoise, I couldn't get enough {as evidenced by my pictures, hehe}.  Kevin and I spent two days laying out on the beach reading/swimming and soaking in the sweet ambiance at local cafes! If you get a chance to visit Rhodes, do it! We could have stayed for weeks!

Happy Monday!

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