My $5 Outfit

Wednesday, September 10

I think garage sales are just so much fun. I grew up going with mom and sisters, and it was always a treasure hunt! Our family grew up very thrifty, and still to this day it's hard for me to buy anything full price! {it's kind of an epidemic in my family…truly, we put the "THRIFT" in thrifty!} People are always surprised when they ask me where I shop, and I say "yard sales"! So I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of the outfits i've put together of second hand clothing. This was an outfit that cost me $5! The skirt, shirt, necklaces and earrings were all a $1 each. My purse was even from a garage sale…I know. I've been super into layering necklaces, and scored this awesome 2-layer necklace with a cross and crystal attached! haha. Hopefully, this will inspire all you ladies that style doesn't have to break the bank. And you all know my motto…save your pennies for travel! (and thrift the rest, hehe!).

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