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Friday, September 26

Friends, have you noticed a trend here lately? Mostly, that because my brain is fried from being knee deep in graduate school, I tend to be pretty heavy on the image posts, and a tad light on the deeper more substantial lessons from life. It's not because I don't have much to say…I do. But this girl only has so much energy to exert in writing, and after a 12 page paper on social learning theory, I've got nothin' left to even attempt the semblance of a decent essay for this little space. It's like I use all my intelligent words to write papers, and then just run out. So if my vocabulary on recent posts looks like that of a first grader…don't judge. Looking over all my recent travel posts, i've noticed I way overuse the word "awesome". I also say the same thing on every travel post  {"this place was SO awesome!"}. Haha, oh man, what an awesome writer i've turned into.

But you know what, i'm okay with it…for now. I'm realizing that every season in life requires you to have grace with yourself in certain areas. I look back on my blog from the early days, and get warm fuzzies in my heart when I read writing that was deep and rich and full of meaning and purpose. Now everything is all images and awesome. Oh well!

Every ounce of energy has been consumed by learning how to become a really good therapist, and i'm thinking that is a good thing. A great thing, actually. For I feel as though in this waiting season, where i'm impatiently bound to school and work and things that feel "grown up", I'm reminded of how small I am in the world. I'm reminded that God is really all about the humble of heart. He's all about looking to Him for dependence, and not trying to prove anything to the world. It's freeing to know that I don't have to prove anything here in this space. I am who I am, and I'm right in the season God has me.

So bear with me as my blog may seem shallow and redundant, and have "awesome" written all over it. I love this space and I love you readers, and I want to continue to foster and create a community that inspires one another. The good news is that, while I may not have crazy deep thoughts in every post, I do have some fun things coming up in the next few months. I hope you'll give me the grace I need to dig deeper into my calling, and maybe be a little more image heavy in the months to come!

A girl only have so much brain power to go around, or at least this girl:)

ps- the giveaway winners have been notified! Thank you so much for entering to win, and don't forget to consider giving to Shining LIght International, and using your life and resources for peace in the middle east!

pss- I just updated the FAQ's on the blog. Any other questions you want to know?!?!

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