peace in the middle east, part 1

Monday, September 15

I was in elementary school when I first heard about the gulf war.
I was a freshman in college when the US declared war on Iraq.
And I was every age in between when told to pray for “peace in the middle east”.

It was vague at best, scary at worst. Tones of fear, confusion and then apathy clouded and peppered what I knew to be the “middle east”. And with no exception, I still find myself caught in the clutches of so much uncertainty and confusion when it comes to the tragic events unfolding in this ancient region. What am I to believe? Who is reporting accurately? And so on and so on.

But really, what it often comes down to for me in my tiny little space on the planet, is the ever present question,

“what can I do?”

It is in this small vacuum of curious good intention that I desperately search for an answer to help fulfill the desire to “love my neighbor”. For being that there are thousands of miles between here and the middle east, there is no doubt that given heart, soul and mind, these beloved children of God are my neighbors. When all the superficial is stripped away, they are just like me, just like you.

In the midst of figuring out what it looks like to engage in this part of the world, it has led me straight to my knees. For it is far too overwhelming to even stand on my own feet, when the weight and burden is great. And so to God I look, to offer my miniscule life, to cry out and say, “use me God. Use whatever teeny tiny resources I may have to bring your kingdom on earth”.

And He answered, unexpected and real and raw. And I want to share a small slice of how you can partner to bring peace to this region.

Because what if I told you that the gift of your life could:

Educate youth from Taliban occupied regions?
Send the very first girl in the history of her family to school?
Provide a job for a woman who never dreamed she could succeed? 
Empower remote communities towards a sustainable future?

This is true, friends. It is true. And because I want you to think long, and hard and deep about this, and get on your knees and ask God if he is calling you towards peace, I’m going to leave it at that today. On Wednesday I will be sharing with you all about an incredible opportunity to use your life and resources in a way that matters, and to engage with a region that for most of our lives, we do not understand nor feel connected to.


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