Yard Sale Style: a run through the flowers

Wednesday, March 18

 I haven't been hitting the yard sales as hard these last few months because we've been gone so much! But a few weeks ago my mother-in-law and I snuck away for about an hour on the hunt to find a few treasures! And we did…we found this gorgeous flowy Free People dress! I was smitten the minute I picked it up. The problem with buying these dresses full price is that you kind of know you'll only wear them once or twice, so it's hard to justify the $200+ price tag (but I mean really, there are VERY few things that I would ever spend $200 on and clothes is NOT one of them!). But that's the beauty of a yard sale…even if you only wear it once, it's worth the few bucks!! 

On my birthday, Kevin and I went on a hike as the sun was setting. I happened to throw this dress in our backpack, just in case we found a secluded spot. And we did! I'm sure the few people who walked by me as I pranced around in this fabric thought I was crazy, but it felt so fun to be free. When I was a little girl I would look at magazines and dream of being a princess running through a field of flowers in a gorgeous dress (those dang perfume ads always had the BEST photography and scenery!). I felt like my inner child was coming out! I also found these unique teal earrings at a yard sale too… 50 cents!! Doesn't get much better than that!!

I love how expressing beauty doesn't have to cost us anything. God made us radiant daughters who were created to run free, be kind, spread grace, and enjoy HIM. Beauty comes from a place deep down. A place that God created to fill and overflow with His goodness. The most beautiful people I know are those that invite you into their hearts, give you the freedom to be YOU, heaps loads of grace on your faults, laugh a lot, and radiate God's love.

Let's pour the grace on thick and heavy, so that we're all swimming in the love of the Father. Shall we? Happy Wednesday friends!

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