Castillo San Felipe de Barajas // Cartagena, Colombia

Tuesday, March 31

Remember how I mentioned that Cartagena made me think I was on set in a "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie? Well, this fortress is one of the reasons why. Our very first day in Cartagena we walked from our hotel in Getsemani all the way to the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas {about a 20 minute walk or so}. 

Castillio San Felipe de Barajas is an iconic part of the Cartagena city scape. The fortress was built by the Spanish during the colonial era, construction beginning in 1536. It is built up on a hill, securing a strategic location to defend both sea and land attacks. 

When you arrive at the fortress, you'll purchase a ticket (around $7), and climb the multitude of stairs up to the top. What I really loved about the fortress was the many tunnels connecting different parts of the castle. This guaranteed that the soldiers could be hidden while defending the fortress. Kevin and I bought popsicles at the store at the top, and just enjoyed the amazing view of the city! The colorful buildings down below are the outskirts of the old historic city center, and the white high rises are the beginnings of the Boca Grande strip. What a contrast, right? 

I'd recommend visiting the fortress. It felt like such a part of the city and it's history. But, like many places in Cartagena, English exhibits are slim to none. Make sure you bring a guide book and read about the interesting history once you get to the top, or you can purchase an audio guide for an additional charge. 

If you missed our first day in Cartagena {i.e.: the most colorful city i've ever walked through!! } check it out here. Happy Tuesday friends! 

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