A birthday weekend with friends in the Mountains!

Thursday, April 2

It's no secret that I think birthdays ought to be celebrated with gusto {see here and here for proof!}. As a fun bonus this year, two of my best friends treated me to a weekend up in the woods! It was as delightful as it sounds! A very generous family lent us their cabin for free {Thanks Stef & Medy} and we packed our little car full and headed up the hill!

The rule was that everyone had to bring a craft and a game to share! Here's what everyone brought:

Games: I brought Scattegories {my favorite!}, Emmy brought Quirkle {which I was TERRIBLE at, but it was fun!} and Diana brought Ticket to Ride (the European version) which was the biggest hit of the weekend and we all played a few times!

Crafts: Emmy is a master calligrapher {she did the calligraphy on my travel calendar here} and brought us all quills to learn and practice. Diana brought a really fun canvas and string craft like this one here {I made the outline of California!}, and I brought my dress-up bag and did a photo shoot for us all in the woods! It was really sweet how much my sweet friends loved the photo shoot. It's amazing when women speak words of beauty and encouragement over one another! Sometimes us ladies just need to dress up and feel pretty, right? {we never really outgrow playing "Dress-up"do we? haha}

We took walks, played games, lounged in our pajamas, and made yummy food!! For breakfast we made these paleo crepes, I made gluten-free bruschetta, Emmy made this delicious stew, and we topped off the weekend with this amazingly delicious paleo lemon-poppyseed cake. We drove back down the mountain with our tummies full and your hearts overflowing in thankfulness.

Women can just be the most amazing encouragements in life, right? Let's be lights in friendship, affirming, inspiring, and loving our friends for who God made them to be! Thanks E & D for a great weekend:)

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