Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 7

This year, Easter really snuck up on me. Typically i'm very aware of the lenten season, reading along with the greatest story ever told, and preparing my heart for both good Friday and Easter Sunday. This year between classes, and seeing clients, and work, and just life...I blinked and we were driving up to my hometown in Northern California, where we were welcomed with open arms into my parents home and showered with yummy food, bike rides, yard saling dates, and laughter around the fire place. All of a sudden it was Sunday, and as we sat in church and the music played, I just started to sob. Tears rolled down my face as the magnitude of the tenderness and kindness of God just poured out on me. I looked up at the cross hanging high in the church, and memory after memory flooded into my mind. Memories of all my mistakes, memories of painful events, memories filled with guilt and shame....and then Jesus. Jesus filled that space so deeply. He cut the cords of my sin and condemnation and GRACE rained down into my heart. I kept thinking "I cannot imagine a life without the kindest person I know...Jesus". Jesus who comforted me in the pain,  Jesus who poured out his grace on my shame, and Jesus who picked me up when I was weak and redeemed so many lost years. The news on that third day that "He is RISEN, He is risen INDEED" took on a whole new meaning. He lives! And because of that I am free. Every day is new because of Him. 

I hope you experienced something sweet yesterday too:) Stay tuned this week for 2 of my family's favorite Easter traditions!! Happy Tuesday friends! xoxo

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