Saturday Morning Breakfast // The Tradition Series

Friday, April 24

I am sooo excited to share both this tradition, and this lovely friend with you! Almost 2 years ago, I got a thoughtful email out of the blue from a most adorable reader in Salzburg, Austria! Sweet Gabriella, half British and half Austrian, has become such a dear friend to me. We've skyped a few times, and have written countless emails back and forth (yeah social media!). I hope you'll pop over to her IG and say hello {and see her dreamy pictures of life in Salzburg Austria!} she is to introduce herself: 

Hi there! I'm Gabi (or Gabby, Gabs, Gabriella). A 24-year old teacher in training, married to the love of my life, Steff (short for Stefan), and living in the dreamy city of Salzburg, Austria. I’m eager to grow and learn in so many areas of life (cooking, photography, faith, relationships, kindness!) and am excited for what the next years have to offer - highs and lows!

When I got married almost three years ago, we had this verse from James on our wedding invitations and thank-you notes “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” that has been with me ever since and is a true daily reminder of God’s love and grace for us.

The first time I read about the concept of date-night (we really don’t have something like that in Austria) I was intrigued to try it, but my husband and I were students when we first got married and there really was no lack of time for just the two of us. Fast-forward a year later and we were scrambling to find a bit of quality time. Work (him) and uni (me) took over weekends, too, and so we shook hands on keeping Friday evenings to ourselves (yeah, we’re the kind of couple to shake hands on things and play a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets to drink and who has to drive :)). Anyway, we soon realized that we needed to add on the morning after to really make the most of the time we had together - and so our Saturday morning tradition was born. Now, I can’t imagine not having that time to ourselves and have even started a Pinterest board solely for our Saturday morning inspiration ;)

We try to sleep in, but, really, sleeping in means 8 when you get up between 6 and 7 every day (church on Sunday starts at 8.30, so…). We love breakfast and trying out new recipes, so very often we’ll be sitting in bed scrolling through recipes to find a new item to try out. We’ve mastered quite a few new things and really look forward to carrying on that tradition once we start a family! If the weather is nice and nothing else is on for the day (a rarity!), we head into the city by bike and make our way to one of our favourite coffee shops for a coffee-to-go. Cup in hand, we’ll head to the farmers’ market and grab a few things we might need, or just enjoy the people watching.

We’ll sometimes get back only to go straight to bed for a mid-morning nap, or (if we haven’t before going out) we'll snuggle up with another cup of coffee and have our quiet time. Last weekend my husband spoiled me with the most beautiful flowers and they’re a daily reminder of great breakfast, strong coffee and an arm-in-arm walk through the city with my favourite person. I’ve learned to really live the little things in life - and let me tell you: they’re beautiful!

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Happy Weekend dear friends! I hope it's a great one!! It's my beloved's birthday today, so we are headed off to a fun birthday weekend on the beach in San Diego! Happy Birthday Kevin...thank you for being the wind in my sails, I love you with all my heart! xoxo 

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