GlobeIn, the most adorable {and ethical} monthly subscription around!!

Monday, April 20

I love creativity and innovation, especially when it involves global endeavors around the world! Needless to say, I was thrilled when GlobeIn asked me to review their monthly subscription of artisan products from around the world! Friends, you are going to die of happiness when you see their adorable themed gift baskets they send to you each month! Here's how it works...

GlobeIn,  a San Francisco start-up, has a monthly subscription box called The Artisan Box. Each month, they deliver “the globe in a box” - a themed collection of artisan-made products from around the world. These are products you can feel good about supporting! Each item is consciously sourced, follows fair trade standards, and is crafted using responsible environmental practices. The box includes stories on the country of origin of each product as well as the stories of the artisans and farmers. 

That's can literally see and read stories of the organizations around the world that hand craft each item in the box! I was sent the Refresh Box, which included all sorts of great's what I received: 
- Dead Sea Soap: Made in Northern Israel by an organization called Sindyanna, that works to address issues related to the status of Arab women in their society.

-Natural Hemp Washcloth: Made by women in Bangladesh through an organization called Bagdha. 

- Handpainted Candles: Made by women in South Africa

- Yerba Mate Tea: Grown by farmers in South America

- Shea Shampoo: Made my women in Togo, West Africa

- Palm Leaf Basket: Made by Martina Garcia Garcia in Oaxaca, Mexico
It was so fun opening up my basket and trying out all the fun items! My favorite item was the tea (which surprised me! It was SOOO good!). The adorable basket was also just perfect, and has found a permanent place in my room! Many of the baskets have food products, which look absolutely delicious!! 

 It made me feel ever more productive about the purchase because all items were ethically sourced and supporting organizations that promote peace and employment throughout the world! That is something I can get behind!! 
So...because GlobeIn is AWESOME, they've created a special code that provides you 25% off your first box with the purchase of 3+ months subscriptions or gift purchases!!! Hooray!! 

So use the special code: HOPE 
And get 25% off your first box!!
Check it out here!  

If you can't travel right now, GlobeIn will bring the world to you!! Enjoy!! 

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