Tuesday, April 28

Many of you know that Kevin and I lived in Nepal in 2013. It became a dear dear place for us, and my heart is grieving over the massive earthquake that shook the country on Saturday.

Kevin and I were making breakfast on Saturday morning when we heard the news, and immediately my heart sank. My mind raced, wondering, "how are our sweet precious girls at the aftercare home? Are they hurt? Are they alive" ... "are our friends ok?" ... "how is our church family there?". Kevin and I got on facebook and many of our friends had sent messages that they were alive and surviving the chaos. We got word through text that each girl in the home was also ok, as well as the staff. Our hearts felt more grounded, but still...the devastation continued to overwhelm us.

Kevin and I have been watching countless videos of the damage. Almost every historical world heritage site has been destroyed or at least damaged. The roads are mangled. The buildings crumbling. But mostly the loss of lives is devastating. And the loss of emotional peace and security for many will haunt them in this next season of surviving.

It's hard to imagine being in such a huge natural disaster. Last year when there was an earthquake in my city, I remember being so frightened to fall asleep. I stayed up that night praying for people who lived in fear because of a traumatic natural disaster. The trauma and magnitude of what our friends in Nepal are facing is real and intense. Most of our friends have been sleeping in shelters the last few nights, displaced from their homes. Can you even imagine?

Would you join me in praying for Nepal?
For peace and comfort as they rebuild...
For resources of food, water and electricity to not run out...
For wisdom and good management of the relief organizations...
For unity and trust as people work together...
For God to do something amazing and bring hope when there is so much hopelessness...

Thank you friends. Your support and prayers are important.
If you are interested in giving, I found a list of charities doing relief work in Nepal here. I've had personal experience with both Samaritans Purse as well as World Vision, and know they are reputable!

Thankful that we can still play a part in the relief process by praying and giving:) May God take our small offering and multiply it for his purpose! Thank you for caring friends.

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