Sometimes you just need someone to hold you and speak the truth

Thursday, March 26

A few days ago a string of events occurred that left me feeling like I had just failed at life. I feebly fell into my car after work, drove home in traffic with tears streaming down my face, and slumped into the house. I dropped my bags, slid up the stairs, and threw myself on the bed curling up like a child. Kevin got home a few minutes later, came up the stairs, saw me a hot mess, and without a word, cuddled up beside me, wrapping his strong arms around me, kissing my wet face, and replacing the tears with his sweet kiss. When I calmed, he sat me up and asked me what was wrong. When I spewed out the events of my crummy day, he places his hands on my arms, looked me straight into the eyes, and started speaking truth into the lies that had absorbed my thinking.

Where I had seem myself a failure, he boldly defied the lie.
YOU are not a failure, YOU are loved and valued and matter.

Where I had scoffed at my mistakes,
he normalized that EVERYONE makes mistakes, and in the scheme of things, mine were minuscule and easily remedied.

Where I felt absolutely inadequate {especially in the area of my new career},
he reminded me that I am new to this career. That I am right where I need to be to succeed, and there is no way I could have all the answers right now. That I am in a learning phase, and that is perfectly where I should be.

Where I felt ugly,
he took his hands and cupped them around my face and told me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever met {just like he does every time I feel this way}.

And in those moments of tender care and truth telling, the weight of my brokeness gave way to a crashing grace that filled every part of me. I needed truth to guide me. I needed truth to remind me of WHO I am. I needed truth to give me a wider perspective. And thank you Jesus that I have a husband who guides me in the ways of the holy one. That reminds me of my infinite value, and reminds me that I was uniquely knitted and formed, and reminds me that I don't have to be perfect.

Kevin's love and truth are just a small extension of the grace and magnitude of God's love. That God is so fully for us, even when we crash and burn. His LOVE is so deep and wide and healing. It takes our crushed spirit and breathes new life. He is so kind. 

And that's what I needed a few days ago, and really, every day. Truth. It's where it's at.

Happy Thursday friends…praying you feel God's truth about WHO you are, and WHOSE you are! 

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