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Friday, July 10

In honor of it being Friday (HOORAY!!! TGIF MAN!!), I thought i'd post a Friday tradition that the sweet Rachel submitted!! I "met" Rachel a few years ago through blogging, and she is seriously a gem! You may not meet a kinder soul in the blogging world! She grew up partially in China, and now lives in Memphis with her husband where they are doing AMAZING things in their community, like investing in youth and volunteering with sex-trafficking victims! I'm such a HUGE proponent for making family memories, which is why I love her tradition so much…maybe you might incorporate it into your family's traditions?!!

My parents are big believers in meals together as a family at the table. In the nearly 17 years I lived at home I can hardly think of more than a handful of times that I ate alone. We all sat around our big table and ate and talked. However, once a week on Friday nights, instead of gathering around the table we would gather around the television. Now, this was a novelty for us, as my parents had cut cable in the early 1990's, and from them on were very intentional about what our family watched! So watching tv was quite exciting for us!!

Someone would pop a movie into the VCR and we'd all chow down on our homemade pizza while we watched the classics (think Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, Jimmie Stewart, and Audrey Hepburn). Classics, my friends. :) 

Speaking of that homemade pizza... it was a vital part of pizza & a movie night. Mom chose pizza for our movie nights because it was an easy thing that all of us kids could help prepare. And it was one of the less messy things for us youngsters to eat somewhere other than a table. That was 21 years ago. And yet the tradition continues today. Even during the years my family lived in China we still made homemade pizza (and let me tell you, finding mozzarella cheese in Wuhan, China in the early 2000s was no easy feat). Sometimes we make veggie pizzas or pepperoni or specialty ones, but we tend to come back to my mom's pizza sauce recipe.

My parents are empty nesters now, but every Friday they still have pizza & movie night. Two of my sisters still carry on this tradition and the tradition is being passed down to another generation via my sister's kids. My husband, Christopher, has whole heartedly embraced this tradition. It's one that we look forward to continuing with our future children as well. We both love pizza and we both love to cook. So homemade pizza is a winner for us. We don't make it every single week just because we travel on the weekends so often. But if we're in town, then you better believe that our kitchen smells like rising bread, basil, tomatoes, and garlic. :)

BIO: Hi there! My name is Rach and I'm a lover of Jesus, my husband, my fuzzy mutt, travel, photography, precious friends, sweet family, good food, sunshine, and the beach! I blog over at This Italian Family (spoiler alert: I'm not really Italian... I married into it) and love meeting new people so come on by. :)

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