Off to Sweden

Friday, July 31

Kevin and I are just landing in Sweden today.

Sweden is special to me for so many reasons. 
My dad's family came from Sweden, and he grew up in a little Swedish town in Northern California. This meant Swedish services at church, Swedish meatballs at Christmas, and letters back and forth between family in Sweden. My dad lived in Sweden for some time, and his stories of working the farm always captivated us! 

As a child, being Swedish was such a part of who I was. 

In both kindergarten and second grade, our Swedish cousins came to live with us for a year, so I grew up with Swedish older "brothers" who made us laugh and took care of us! I did my 4th grade country report on Sweden, and was obsessed with the American girl doll Kirsten (who was from Sweden!). My parents house is littered with Dahla Horses (the little red wooden Swedish horses), Carl Larsson prints (like the one above), and maps of Sweden! {all just "subtle" tributes to our heritage, haha!}. And Christmas…don't even get me started…! 

I traveled to Sweden for the first time when I was 14, and was so wonder-filled. It was milking cows on my cousins farm, hiking the forests to pick lingonberries, swimming in the never-ending lakes of cold water, and pitter pattering down the cobblestones of Gamla-Stan (Stockholm's old town). It was lazy summer crawfish dinners, having fika (coffee) and eating ostakaka (cheese cake) all while sharing our lives. It was the relationships that made me so filled to the brim! 

I've been back to Sweden since that first trip, and cannot wait to return today! We have no plans (our cousins have literally planned our entire trip…bless their heart!!) Of course we'll stay with my family in Stockholm, then travel to the heartland of my family's home in central southern Sweden, and then hopefully pop over to the west coast for a day or two!!

 I love the simplify of Swedish style, and am sure to be inspired!! I hope you'll follow along on our adventure in my homeland:) Happy weekend!! xoxo 

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