You are adored {even without fame or fortune}

Wednesday, July 1

About six months ago, Kevin and I were approached by a popular TV network asking if we'd consider being a part of their new tv show. To be honest, their invitation took me by surprise.

The premise of the show was to follow different couples who all had a particular dream. Each couple was then asked to do certain things in exchange for living their dream. The tagline to this new show was "how far would you go to get what you've always wanted?"

Of course it was exciting getting an email from a well known TV station, and the thought of being on TV was rather thrilling. Hollywood just seems to magical in some ways, larger than life. (The industry, not the actual city! Have you been to downtown Hollywood? It's creepy!). But at the bottom of fame and money, it can be rather empty.

I sat, pondering the tagline…."how far would you go to get what you've always wanted?". And I realized, without a shadow of a doubt, that right now, in this very moment, I truly have all that I've ever wanted….
I have a husband who loves and adores me
I have family who enriches my life with laughter, good advice, and safe refuge
I have friends on all corners of the globe who welcome me into their hearts
and I have a God who pours out grace, hope, love and purpose into my life every day.

Why would I ever want to compromise what I have, for something so fleeting such as fame and money? It seems as though so many people these days are reaching for fame. To be noticed, to be adored. But I love that we don't need either fame nor money to be adored. In total obscurity, we are already so prized by our Heavenly Father.

Friend, let me encourage you today. You may feel so small, so unnoticed, so alone. You are not. You are lavishly loved in all your uniqueness by a God who intricately made you, and adores every inch of you. You don't need followers on social media, your own TV show, or adoring fans to measure your worth. You are more precious than gold, your life has purpose whether lived out on TV, or in the moments when no one is watching but God.

Live it brilliantly. Live it with purpose.
Neither fame nor money can measure the impact of your life.
So seek after the things that truly make your heart overflow with love.
And don't follow the lie that you need to be famous to make an impact.
Right now, where you are, holds so much possibility for joy and blessing! Lean into that!

Happy Wednesday!!
PS- I've been in Santa Cruz this week with my family (as evidenced here), so if you've sent me an email, my total apologies for not getting back to you yet! I've hardly checked my email…but promise to get back to you next week!!
PSS- Just as a disclaimer, I don't believe either fame or money is bad in and of themselves. They can be used for great good. It's just that when we put all our hope in them, they certainly can disappoint!

love love love!

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