Seasons of Friendship

Wednesday, July 15

 I'm one of those people that just feels most loved when I'm washed in the kindness, excitement, and love of others. This past weekend was incredibly refreshing as I literally went from one life-giving person to the next! I unexpectedly got to meet up with a friend who spent the last year and a half being a midwife all around the world, welcoming babies with love and joy, even in the most sterile environments (her crazy stories from India and Zambia were giving me chills!). My cousin made such an effort to come to visit me this weekend for a few hours, and we spent a very hilarious time playing cards which made me laugh…the kind of laughter that is medicine for the soul. Dinners on Friday and Saturday night consisted of friends who cooked for us, and affirmed us. And then I got to visit my sister-in-law and their new baby. Holding a new baby was just wonder-filled. As the weekend waned, and Sunday night began to end, I curled up in Kevin's arms with the biggest smile on my face. "You're filled to the brim, aren't you?" he asked. I sighed something heavenly, and burrowed my way further into his shoulder…"yes, yes I am".

If only life was like this all the time, right? I think God gives us glimpses of a heavenly love when we have a friend that pours into us with laughter and games and food and a listening ear. But not all seasons are filled with such intense friendship. I can remember back to junior high and early parts of high school where I longed for a deeper connection with my peers, for someone that "got" me. I recall a few times i've moved somewhere new in my "20's" and had to start all over again with friends. It's hard, and can be so discouraging at times. It requires us to put ourselves out there, and expend so much energy in the "small talk". I mean, how many times can you REALLY tell your life story in 3 minutes to 5 different people in the room before you want to pull your hair out! I get it! 

But friendship is so important, so necessary for our souls. It is where our God given selves can be exposed for what they truly are, and loved so fully. It is where we can learn to give and receive love, where service and sweet times take root. So therefore, it must be worth our investment. If you're in a season where you feel a void of true friends, i'll be the first to stay you're probably not alone. I've been there, and I can imagine so many other women are in that place right now too! But keep your chin up darling, God's got something special for you. Keep trusting him in this season. It may take weeks, months, or even years, but never back down from understanding the importance of community, and praying from something special! It's worth it:) 

Praying for you today friend, wherever you are, that rich and laughter filled community finds you in a special place!! Happy Wednesday! 

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