Top 4 Things to do in Jacmel, Haiti

Wednesday, July 29

 As I mentioned numerous times, Haiti has little in the way of tourist infrastructure. But that doesn't mean there aren't incredible places to visit! Jacmel, only two hours away from Port-au-Prince is a must see! It has everything you could want….a charming historic old town, beautiful beaches, hiking and swimming! Here are the top 5 things to do in Jacmel!

1. Stroll the Old Town 

Hundreds of year ago, this was a bustling, successful, colorful waterfront port transporting coffee to the world! Today, it is a sleepy waterfront town selling all sorts of artisan goods...everything from baskets to artwork! If you plan on going, pick up a guidebook of Haiti, and do the walking tour of Jacmel! It will take you to waterfront, the old square and market place, and to hotel Florita. See more pictures and read more about it here. 

2. Lay out at the Beach and Swim in the Ocean
Haiti is, after all, an island in the Caribbean!! Therefore, it's bound to have beautiful beaches:) There are a few beaches to visit in the Jacmel area, but the one we loved most was Timouillage Beach. Long stretches of sand, palm trees, beautiful water…and the best part, no people!! Katharine and I spent the whole day there and only a few other souls were anywhere to be found! See more pictures here. 

3. Bassin Bleu

If you like hiking and swimming combined, don't miss Bassin Bleu. Basson Bleu is a series of 3 swimming pools cascading down the mountain by way of 3 waterfalls. The top swimming hole and waterfall is the most beautiful, where you can jump off rocks and into the deep blue waters! To read more about it and see our pictures, click here. 

4. Eat and Relax at Cyvadier Resort 
Cyvadier is the most wonderful gem in all of Jacmel. If you travel to Jacmel, stay here! The grounds are absolutely gorgeous, the food delicious, and the view INCREDIBLE! Cyvadier is located in a sweet little cove overlooking a beach, and is such a refuge after spending all day around town! Even if you don't stay here, make the trip to eat a meal here…yum yum!! To see more pictures and read more, click here.

Hope this is helpful:) xoxo 

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