A few fun DIY projects around the house

Monday, June 6

We moved into our house in late January, and ever since then i've been on a diy kick. It's been so much fun pinning ideas, and then actually seeing them come to fruition (they never do look exactly like the pictures…but that's what makes them unique, right?). And it's been extra special to craft with the people I love. My mom and I made the wreaths, and Kev and I worked on the other projects. I've started learning how to use power tools (oh my!) and have felt a lot more comfortable diving into projects (learn as we go, right?). haha!

Here things i've made for our home: 

- Blanket Ladder
- Eucalyptus Wreath
- Rosemary Wreath
- Exterior Shutters
- Built-In Bookcase

In another post, I hope to share more about the shutters and the bookcase (which was an IKEA hack), but for now you get a sneak peak of these!! I haven't quite styled the bookcase, so for now it's just all my books crammed up on shelves, but one of these days i'll get around to making it look pretty! The shutters were a lot of fun to make, and have added more of a cottage feel to the exterior of our home, which is what i'm going for!! I'm bound and determined to make you think you're in England while at my house…i've got a long way to go, haha! Just gotta get that English garden planted, right?

Have YOU made any fun DIY things at home lately? Put the links in the comments, i'd love to see your projects!! xoxo

White flowered shirt: Make me Chic
Pants: Express Jeans {but I got them at a yard sale and cut holes in them myself, ha!}

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