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Monday, June 13

For years, I swore off online clothes shopping. Mostly, because it seemed like things I loved online never looked quite as well on me when I got them in person. They were the wrong size, or the color was wonky, or it just plain looked weird. And then on top of the clothing cost, you had to pay for shipping. No bueno!

This year, i've found that I have actually enjoyed shopping online. Things have actually fit me, it's been a miracle:) While I don't shop often, I like rounding up some good basics for each upcoming season.

I've been finding some cute things on the SheIn website lately. Right now until June 14th they are offering free shipping on all orders. Which makes a huge difference!!

Aside from free shipping, they are having some crazy deals right now.  Sweet dealsAwesome sale items ….And because I love stripes of all kind, a link to all their stripped clothing  Here's a link to my dress and my t-shirt

And happy Monday! Any fun plans for you this week?? I'm loving having a routine again. I've been walking with friends at the park a lot, seeing clients at work, having people over for dinner, attending a Bible study, and hanging out with my hubby. Grateful for a new week!! xoxo
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