At the beach this week

Tuesday, June 28

Every year, since I was a baby, my mom's side of the family (My aunts, uncles and cousin) pile into one house right on the beach in Santa Cruz. It's a week the entire family looks forward to, as it's the most relaxing vacation you could possible take. The house is literally right on the sand, and the rule is everyone gets to do exactly what they want, there are no set plans. If you want to read on the beach all day, you can read. If you want to swim or take a walk, or even watch Euro Cup soccer, no one will judge you:) And then of course we all snack and eat all the live-long day. When we were kids, our uncles used to tell us that we could have as many otter pops as we wanted, and THAT was something to get excited about, ha!

This will be the first year in about 10 years that I've been able to stay the entire week, and boy am I grateful. I needed the rest and relaxation. So far, the week has included loads of yummy snacks, beach reads, yoga on the sand, 10-minute abs, walks on the beach, spike ball, Kan Jam, cards, watching euro-cup soccer and of course the olympic trials! It's been a blast.

One awesome highlight so far has been a murder mystery dinner. Last year my mom got a boxed set at a yard sale, and the entire family dressed up and got into character, it was hilarious. Our whole house was transformed into a Roman Villa back in the day of Ceasar. We had so much fun, we decided to make it an annual tradition. So this year, the murder mystery dinner took place on a train car in Paris in the 1940's. Of course we all dressed up again (I wore my old prom dress from 2001, haha!). As you can see from the pictures, we had too much fun! (And please note that my Aunt Julie might just be the most hilarious person ever…she went into the bathroom for a minute, and emerged more "well endowed" thanks to some toilet paper rolls, hahahah!!!)

I am so grateful for this hilarious family of mine. They make me feel loved, wanted, and special, and I couldn't be more thankful. Hope you all have a great week!!


{a little 10 minute abs my uncle led us in!}
The whole family dressing up for the murder mystery dinner…think Paris 1940! 
{my aunt stuffing a few toilet paper rolls to liven up her costume, haha! 
My mom and her sisters below, so hilarious! }
{The whole group, with everyone in costume! SO fun!} 

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