Guess where we're headed in July?? {and free ad space!}

Thursday, June 30

So, I've started doing these guessing games each time we plan a trip, and they are so much fun! And this time, I thought i'd award the winner(s) with free ad space on my blog:)

This trip was a total surprise to us. We didn't have any huge summer plans, and a really awesome company reached out to us with some of the trips they offer. Kevin and I thought we'd book one of their excursions, and now here we are, airfare purchased, tickets set, and all ready to experience an amazing new country we've never been to before!

I'm going to reveal the country we are traveling to and the AMAZING company next Monday, so stayed tuned! In the meantime, here are the clues…take your best guess!!

1.The number of people living in this country is just over 245,000.

2. French is one of the official languages spoken.

3. It's common to put a this country's national flower behind one's ear -- left side you're taken, right if you're looking.

4. Over half of the population is under the age of 20 years old.

5. The traditional method of "stone fishing" is still performed for special festivals. Dozens of outrigger canoes form a semicircle, and men in the canoes beat the water with stones tied to ropes. The frightened fish are then driven towards the beach and the men jump from the canoes yelling and beating the water with their hands to drive the fish ashore.

6. There are no poisonous snakes or insects in this country.

7. The word tattoo originated in this country. 

Ok…I tried not to put any clues that are too obvious…this should be a little hard:) Take your best guess (no google searching allowed, haha!) 

I'll update you on Monday with the big news!!!
Guess away!! 

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