baby, let's get lost...

Monday, June 3

saturday afternoon Kev and I set out with the sole intent of just getting lost in Kathmandu. 
we hopped on a micro-van for 15 rupees,
crammed in with dozens of nepalis, the wind whipping through our hair 
as we rode and rode and rode,
 until the route ended and we were forced to get off. 
then we just picked a street, and started walking. 
ohhhhhh, it was so much fun
i love getting lost in big cities:) 
as we were walking down the street, I looked to my left and saw this alley way below. 
so excited, I called to Kev, and we crept down the ancient path. 
little did we know the beauty that awaited our curiosity. 
as we stepped into the courtyard an expanse of old houses opened up,
laundry hanging,
and people living their daily lives
around a buddhist stupa in the middle. 

as we crept closer, we saw these two little boys smiling up at us and telling secrets. 
then the little boy gave the traditional greeting to Kevin, "namaste"
an older woman doing laundry, hanging bright color cloth to dry, looked up at me and we smiled as I greeted her. 
I then glanced over at sweet Kevin. sometimes I just like to stare at him (is that creepy??)
and then swoon because I can't really believe that he is mine. 
Kevin is like a kid whisperer...wherever we go, children flock to him. 
He is so warm and welcoming towards the little ones,
and never fails to make them laugh! 
about two seconds after this picture was taken of him below by himself, 
he soon had a crew of kiddos following his every move!! 
and soon all the kids were showing Kev their tricks! 
laughing and loving life....
this little cutie below stole my heart
oh waaaiiitttt....more tricks! 
after a half hour of playing with the kids and practicing our nepali, we wandered on. 
down another alleyway, I chased these monks. 
it's what i do. 
stalk people, that is. 
after hours of exploring we were exhausted! 
like I wanted to fall over. adventuring can be hard work! 

but we are so thankful we live in a place where we can move around in freedom and explore all the country has to offer! 

happy Monday sweet friends! 
love Katie


  1. Oh Katie! This looks amazing. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful :) you did a wonderful job! The precious children remind me of the ones we left behind in Guatemala :) this look like so much fun :) so glad you're enjoying yourself! Love you, beautiful!

  2. So could you like kidnap me pleeaase?!? I would love to go here and love up on these kids. They are soo cute! I love exploring but don't really get to do it too often these days. I plan to change that though! Be blessed friend. Thanks for finding me. :)

  3. what an amazing adventure!!! all of these photos are beautiful artwork! you should sell them when you return. and I am married to a kid whisperer too lol! they just come out of nowhere and steal him away.

  4. oh my gosh, how wonderful! it all looks so lovely. the picture of the kids laughing enjoying life as you write made me smile. they are all so adorable!

  5. what an AWESOME adventure!! hahaha kevin truly has a gift with kids, geez oh petes! that's the funniest thing :)

    grace & love,

  6. Looks like a fun adventure. :) My hubby is the same way....he's like a duck with his little ducklings when it comes to kids. :)

  7. What an adventure!! You guys are so brave.
    And I stare at my husband a lot, too. We're blessed to have good men. :)

  8. Lovely photos! I love all of the bright colors!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  9. "Kevin is like the kid whisperer" hahaha, made me laugh! love it! you two are so darn cute! your photos are always so gorgeous, talk about photographer heaven, I would be snapping photos left and right! (nothing new for me there). Sounds like a fun adventure you two had! your such an encouragement to me Katie!

  10. love this! what a beautiful adventure!


  11. Oh that looks so much fun!!!! I love all the colors and photos as always, and those children are just adorable!!

  12. Oh wow! THATS SO AWESOME! Looks absolutely amazing! Love that you guys are so adventurous!

    My husband is the same way..Kids LOOOOVE him! and I totally do the same thing with him...just love to swoon and I love that my heart still flutters when I have those moments :) YAY HUSBANDS!

  13. Oh. my. goodness. You are killing me. I want to come adventure with you guys!

  14. What an amazing adventure! I'd love to be experiencing all the you are. Lord willing, we'll be able to someday! :-)

  15. wow!!! what a beautiful place to explore! So many colors!! and how wonderful that the people are so welcoming and loving toward you! Love how the little boys want to show off for Kevin, that is just precious.

  16. Beautiful pictures! So glad you're finding these things to love here.

  17. Katie, could I please, please come stalking with you? This looks INCREDIBLE. I am so stoked you are enjoying yourselves...Nepal is a gorgeous country!

  18. Katie, could I please, please come exploring with you? Nepal looks INCREDIBLE! I am so stoked you guys are having an awesome time!

  19. Oh my gosh - I am dying over the pictures of the cute little kids showing Kevin their tricks! SO adorable.

    Beautiful photos as always :) XOXO

  20. Love reading about your adventures :) and your pics are incredible!

  21. This is absolutely beautiful. Looking at your photos makes me want to go exploring and see wonderful experiences the world has to offer. Beautiful photos!!

  22. Oh, wow, Katie! This post is so full of energy--I loved seeing the photos of your adventures into the city! Thanks so much for sharing--feels like I visited somewhere new!

    xo, gina

  23. Wow what an amazing adventure the 2 of you are on together! How did you find your way home? :)

  24. Oh wow, what an adventure. Looks so fun and exciting. I love how much culture is in these photos and I love all those photos of the kids and their amazing tricks.

  25. I love that you PLAYED with them. Oh the joy of play. So fabulous!!!

  26. So beautiful! How do you get kids to act naturally in front of a camera? I have more pictures of blank stares and cheesy-forced-smiles than I care for. How do you get them to laugh, play, and act naturally when there's a camera pointing at them?

  27. I just LOOOOOOOOVE your blog and these pictures are so, so beautiful. What a blessing it must have been for both you guys and those precious children to get to play together!

  28. Wow..just wow, girl! So happy the Father has placed you two there to share his love!

    Ps..Can I please adopt that cutie patootie little girl up in those pictures!?!?

  29. It can be absolutely amazing the beauty that you find when you just wander a city. Oh monsoon season, as you said in your later post. I miss those amazingly massive storms.

  30. Um, I love that you were stalking monks. And that that's "what you do." LOL :) Yep, you definitely make me want to go to Nepal. What a gift your husband has in being a kid-whisperer. Seriously, that's awesome that he has that magnetism that they're drawn to him... no doubt the Lord will use that to draw children to Himself! :)


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