where your sponsorship money is going...a confession

Friday, June 7

happy Friday dearest readers:) 

my friends arrived today. 
i have LITERALLY had a perpetual smile on my face for the last few hours! 
isn't it amazing when your worlds collide? 
a wee bit of home right here in the Nepal in the form of my friends! 

today i wanted to share a little more of my heart in regards to sponsorship. 
I was so overwhelmed by the response I got after I posted yesterday,
thank you. all of you. it almost made me cry. 

this morning when I was in the shower I was all giddy thinking about how awesome it will be to sponsor and promote so many of you! 
and then, 
in the back of my mind,
I felt the Lord nudging me...

"katie, will you give it ALL to me?". 
I froze (literally, IN the shower, stark naked!) 
Sponsorship had been exciting for the networking aspect, but also because I felt like I would be able to earn a little extra income for the small things Kevin and I need on a daily basis. When you're a missionary, there isn't much "extra income" lying around. 
ya feels me? 

but in that small moment, 
I realized,
ALL I have is the Lord's. 
This blog is HIS. 
All you dear readers are HIS. 
So if he is asking me to give of it...how could I refuse? 
it belongs to Him anyway. 

And really, 
the bottom line is this...
God is a provider. 
He has met every need Kevin and I have ever had. 
We've never been without. 

And yet, so many around the world go without every day. 
without food
without clean water
without medicine
without a roof over their head. 
without parents or family to care for them. 

friends, it wasn't easy. i'm human, sue me. 
 I know it seems small and trivial, but I tried to justify why I should keep the money. 
"But Lord, this will help Kevin and I continue to do your work....blah blah blah"
...as if God needs my help in providing for us. He's ALWAYS provided for EVERY need...
and then some! 

I just finished reading "The Hole in our Gospel" by Richard Stearns. 
and the chapter on money really convicted me. 
our world is controlled by money, and if we're not careful it can control us. 
But the BEST way to  cut the ties of dominance it has over us is to simply, give it away. 

R. Scott Rodin says this, "Our check stubs speak more honestly of our priorities than our church membership" 

Money is a great treasure that only increases as you give it away.” — Lord Francis Bacon

so, I've decided that every penny that comes in from sponsorship, 
I plan to give away to a charity of my choice. 
currently, if you sponsor Hope Engaged for the month of July (with 3 free weeks of sponsorship in June) I will be donating all that money to the aftercare home that we work at in Nepal. This home takes girls rescued out of sex trafficking and seeks to love them, feed them, clothe them, provide shelter for them, and care for them. 

And you guys, God is moving in AMAZING ways there as girls who were once trapped in darkness both physically, emotionally and spiritually are being renewed, restored and LOVED by the Lord our God,  and our amazing staff. every day I see freedom rising forth from the ashes. 

So, all that to say, as you sponsor Hope Engaged, you are not only advertising your blog/business, but you are providing for tangible needs around the world! 

how awesome is that? 

have an amazing weekend friends
as God teaches us all how much he loves a cheerful giver,

love Katie 
ps- if you would like to sponsor me, send me an email at katie.emma.cook@gmail.com and i'll send you the information! 


  1. ::hugs::
    i know how difficult it can be to wrestle the flesh over what the Lord is calling us to do! I'll continue to pray for direction and support for y'all! <3
    I'm so blessed to read your blog, i know that sounds lame, but it's true...definitely helps me keep things in perspective as i sit here in the good ol' usa with my cup of coffee and hand and a house full of mostly useless but pretty things...definitely convicting.
    So thank you...seriously.

  2. you are awesome, my friend :) what a great and selfless idea!!

  3. You are SUCH an amazing woman, Katie! It is so beautiful how God is blessing others through your obedience!!

  4. Wow! This is very cool! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  5. You constantly blow me away. I see Jesus all over you sweet friend. I'm so blessed to know you and be encouraged by you! God is doing such deep work in you and you are letting Him. What an example. Thank you!

  6. You're such a precious woman, Katie! I'm so thankful to have connected with you! Your heart is always an inspiration to me. :-)

  7. YES. I am so happy you are doing this, I felt the same thing when I considered doing sponsorships. I just couldn't think about making money off of something I was writing to glorify God and help others in the first place. I AM EMAILING YOU (again..)!!!

  8. Wow, this really is a brilliant idea, Katie! Frankly, it makes me more inclined to considering the sponsorship thing! Especially knowing that the proceeds WILL go to helping trafficked girls. A ministry growing on fire in my heart more each day!

  9. You are so dear and your heart to give to others is amazing. It would be so easy for you to justify keeping the money with all you are already doing, but you are absolutely right. It all belongs to him anyway!

  10. "our world is controlled by money, and if we're not careful it can control us." thanks for the reminder KT, and for the honesty! I know this feeling/struggle well... it's hard! wonderful to release it back to God... love you & miss you!

    ps - I know you're busy with friends these coming weeks, but hope to catch up w/you again soon! :)

  11. "our world is controlled by money, and if we're not careful it can control us." thanks for the reminder KT! and your honesty... I know this struggle well.... it's hard! wonderful to release it back to God... Love you & miss you!

    PS - I know your coming weeks will be full, but I look fwd to catching up w/ you again soon! Love ya.

  12. I just finished The Hole in Our Gospel, too. Super convicting and motivating. What a great decision! And now I'm even more excited about keeping up on your blog.

  13. God is amazing! Thank you for allowing him to shine through, for allowing him to present himself to us through your words and actions. Love you!

  14. This is amazing. Top to bottom.

  15. Now THIS is the kind of sponsorship I can get behind :)

  16. You are SO AWESOME, Katie! It is so encouraging to really see a lady willingly want to follow The Lord and what He asks of her. I seriously could write a paragraph right now about how much I love you, and I don't even know you personally! I know you're doing big things in the hearts of people in Nepal. You're amazing, inspiring, and an encouragement. I haven't been in blogland for a while, because I've been out of town, but I'm emailing you about sponsorships right now. :)

  17. You are amazing- such an inspiration!

  18. This is great motivation and I love the quote/picture at the beginning of this post! I'm so excited to be sponsoring because it gets the word out of my new shop but also helps an amazing organization that I can follow through this blog!

  19. Girl, you made me tear up! YOU are an amazing example!

  20. Reading this at an interesting time. No doubt it's not a coincidence. ;) Money's been on my brain quite a bit lately... just thinking 'future' and some life possibilities. It's easy to get wrapped up in wants and needs and what's considered 'normal' in the world... but He is Provider. End of story. Sometimes I forget and He has to remind me... in ways like this post. :) Thanks, dear.


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